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My name is Melissa, spelled this way and I really dislike it spelled with a "y". This looks illiterate, as if a "y" is needed to make it more up to date.
BelCanto142  5/10/2005
My name is Melyssa, spelled just like that, and I love it. It's an unusual spelling of a good name. I feel it makes me different from the other Melissas out there. I'm unique among people. It's a great name. (And, in response to a previous comment, I'm not illiterate and neither are my parents.)
Melyssa  12/8/2008
Spelling Melyssa with a 'Y' only makes the common name unique. The spelling of a name couldn't possibly make one illiterate, but the way the person uses their grammar could. Melyssa is a creative spelling :)
― Anonymous User  3/18/2011
What a ghetto, trashy and over creative spelling of the wonderful Melissa. So ugly, I just want to pronounce it like mel-eye-sa. How ugly and modern.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2013
Horrible spelling of the name 'Melissa'. The change from an 'I' to a 'Y' is necessary and just looks ugly. Having a name spelt differently doesn't make it "Cute" or "Unique", it's the same name, just spelt differently. Hate this name.
AmbiguouslyAnonymous  9/15/2016

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