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Meaning: (English) Ruler of the Sea (Merick, Merrik, Meric, Merik, Merek, Merryck, Meryk, Merryk, Merryc)
Sephone  3/27/2006
I also like the spelling of Meric from the German name Emeric, meaning "work rule."
Kitten  10/13/2006
Merrick has a strong sound to it. I would never use the nickname Rick though.
Missy  4/17/2007
Merrick is a great name. I really like this name a lot. It is actually very rich in history if you see all the names it has derived from.
EgYpTiAn PrInCeSs  4/24/2007
My name is Merrick and most people like the name, it's not easy having an unusual name.
alyssajanew  5/3/2007
I have started to like this name. It has a nice sound to it and it is very masculine sounding. I also wouldn't use Rick as a nickname.
― Anonymous User  5/13/2007
Real nice, but it reminds me of Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man.
Sandcrawler  7/26/2008
He was a character in THE STOLEN THRONE by DAVID GAIDER, which tells of the events that unfold before the game Dragon Age: origins takes place. The father of Alister.
sorrowfuliris  12/30/2009
In the Dragon Age series, the character's name isn't Merrick, but is actually "Maric." (: Either way, the character's name might have came from Merrick (or from Marc).
Morgaine  7/30/2012
My name is Merrick and it stands out to a lot of people.
Merrick.crocker  2/12/2016
Them 'muricans like this name for some reason...
angolmois  3/16/2016
The name Merrick was given to 190 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/22/2016
There's also an Anne Rice novel named "Merrick".
tmondry  12/2/2016
The name Merrick was given to 208 boys born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2017

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