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The character of the captain on the 1977-1986 television show 'The Love Boat' was named Merrill Stubing and was played by actor Gavin MacLeod.
Nifty_Name_Nerd  8/24/2017
Merrill is a companion and a potential love interest to the protagonist in the video game Dragon Age 2.
― Anonymous User  8/5/2017
Merrill Garbus (aka Tune-Yards) and Merrill Nisker (aka Peaches) are both female musicians.
mymymetrocard  3/10/2012
The name is alright, just be aware that most states in the Great Lakes region have a town named Merrill. Maybe a decent place name if the towns named Merrill were any more recognizable.
ninjato  5/6/2011
My name is Merril with one L not two, but they don't have my name. I love my name a lot, but it annoys me when people pronounce it wrong. There is a school in my town called Merrill, and there is a shoe brand called Merrell.
smurphul  6/1/2007

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