Names Related to Mìcheal

Names that are related to MÌCHEAL:
CHELLE   f   English
MAIKEL   m   Dutch
MAKAYLA   f   English (Modern)
MCKAYLA   f   English (Modern)
MEICAL   m   Welsh
MICAELA   f   Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
MICHAËL   m   Dutch, French
MICHAEL   m   English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
MICHAELA   f   German, Swedish, English, Czech, Slovak
MICHAIL   m   Greek
MICHAL (1)   m   Czech, Slovak
MICHAŁ   m   Polish
MICHALA   f   Czech
MICHALINA   f   Polish
MICHALIS   m   Greek
MICHAYLA   f   English (Rare)
MÍCHEÁL   m   Irish
MÌCHEAL   m   Scottish
MICHEAL   m   English
MICHEIL   m   Scottish
MICHEL   m   French, German, Dutch
MICHELA   f   Italian
MICHELANGELA   f   Italian
MICHELANGELO   m   Italian
MICHÈLE   f   French
MICHELE   m   Italian
MICHELINA   f   Italian
MICHELINE   f   French
MICHELLE   f   French, English, Dutch
MICHELYNE   f   English (Rare)
MICHI (2)   m & f   German
MICHIEL   m   Dutch
MIĈJO   m   Esperanto
MICK   m   English, Dutch
MICKAËL   m   French
MICKEY   m & f   English
MICKY   m   English
MIGUEL   m   Spanish, Portuguese
MIGUELA   f   Spanish, Portuguese
MIGUELITO   m   Spanish, Portuguese
MIHA   m   Slovene
MIHAEL   m   Slovene, Croatian
MIHAELA   f   Romanian, Slovene, Croatian, Macedonian
MIĤAELO   m   Esperanto
MIHAI   m   Romanian
MIHAIL   m   Romanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Greek
MIHAILA   f   Macedonian
MIHAILO   m   Serbian
MIHAILS   m   Latvian
MIHĂIȚĂ   m   Romanian
MIHAJLO   m   Serbian, Croatian
MIHALIS   m   Greek
MIHÁLY   m   Hungarian
MIHANGEL   m   Welsh
MIHKEL   m   Estonian
MIHKKAL   m   Sami
MIHO   m   Croatian
MIHOVIL   m   Croatian
MIJO   m   Croatian, Serbian
MIKA (1)   m   Finnish
MIKAEL   m   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish
MIKAELA   f   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish
MIKAERE   m   Maori
MIKALA   m   Hawaiian
MIKAYLA   f   English (Modern)
MIKE   m   English
MIKEL   m   Basque
MIĶELIS   m   Latvian
MIKELO   m   Esperanto
MIKEY   m   English
MIKHA'EL   m   Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew
MIKHAEL   m   Biblical Greek
MIKHAIL   m   Russian, Bulgarian
MIKHAILA   f   English (Rare)
MIKHAILO   m   Ukrainian
MIKHAILU   m   Old Church Slavic
MIKHEIL   m   Georgian
MIKKEL   m   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
MIKKELINE   f   Danish
MIKKI   f   English
MIKKO   m   Finnish
MIKSA   m   Hungarian
MIQUEL   m   Catalan
MISHA   m   Russian
MISHO   m   Georgian
MISI   m   Hungarian
MISKA   m   Hungarian, Finnish
MITCH   m   English
MITCHELL   m   English
MITXEL   m   Basque
MYGHAL   m   Cornish
MYKHAILA   f   Ukrainian
MYKHAILO   m   Ukrainian
MYKHAYLO   m   Ukrainian
MYKOLAS   m   Lithuanian
RICHELLE   f   English
RICHMAL   f   English (Rare)
SHELL   f   English