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My brother-in-law is named Micah. I've always known it to be a boy's name, I can't imagine it being a girl's name. It just sounds weird for a girl.
joanie2007  7/11/2007
Um, Micah isn't just a masculine name, it's for girls too.
Artimis99  11/13/2011
This name is also used for girls. I've only ever heard it on girls, one in real life and one in a novel.
clouds  9/24/2012
This name isn't for girls. It's a completely masculine name and should stay that way. I could say Benjamin or Jonathan are for girls, but that wouldn't make it so. We don't need any more stolen male names being put on females. If you like the sound of it, spell it Mika so it doesn't look like you're so desperate for a name for your daughter, you decided to use a boy's name.
― Anonymous User  6/9/2013
It's a feminine name as well, not just masculine. I have a female friend named Micah.
MiserySK  8/23/2016
The name Micah was given to 276 girls born in the US in 2016.
89.47 percent of people with the first name Micah are male.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2017
I actually only know girls with the name Micah - spelled Micah. I live in a diverse area so I think that's part of it, which I am glad as I feel the majority of folks who come on here are a bit over the top with their opinions " I would NEVER name my child THAT.." are you flippin' serious? It's 2017 - name your child whatever you want. And if it's so uncommon and gender bending to name a girl a "boys name" - maybe you should get out more. 3 cheers for Micah as a girl's or boy's name - it's beautiful and definitely not "ghetto" -which what does that remark even mean? #getoveritpeople.
wakeuppeople  7/2/2017
Mica is a feminine version of Michael and I cannot believe anyone would think this name works for a boy. I guess if you want your child to be bullied and tormented you could name a boy Micah. I would personally never do such a thing. Michael is for boys and Mica is for girls. By the way, Mica is a popular name in Europe for GIRLS.
Mica206  5/15/2018

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