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Michalina Olszańska (born June 29, 1992) is a Polish actress. She notably appeared in the 2017 film Matilda, where she played the titular ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya.
Buneary  2/19/2018
I did not know Michalina was legitimately a Polish name. I learned something today!
My grandma's cousin is named Michalina; they are third-generation Polish from Chicago. She is also known as Mickey as they pronounce her name "mik-uh-LEEN-uh."
Zinha  7/11/2016
I prefer the English pronunciation (with a k) simply because otherwise I associate this name with another vintage-ish name, quite comedic these days in Poland, Halina.

It's a nice, unusual name!
English nicknames may include: Mia, Miki, Micky, Mika, Lina, Minny and many more.
justamacaroni  6/20/2016
Another traditional Polish nickname for Michalina is Michasia (mee-hash-yah).
I have this name and all the Polish people I know pronounce it 'Mee-ha-lee-na' rather than with a 'ck’ sound ;D This is the more common pronunciation of it, but my English friends pronounce it the other way - I think it’s more of a dialect thing, but would suggest the H sound. Hope it helps!
linamalina  10/12/2015
I love both pronunciations... Mee-Kah-Lina and Mee-ha-lina.
blueeyesparkle  5/26/2013
Miki is a cute nn.
― Anonymous User  12/26/2012
I really like this name, it's different from common names like Michelle. It's even better than Mikayla. So pretty!
blueeyesparkle  5/21/2012
Michalina is pronounced mee-ha-leen-ah. A common pet name is Misia (mee-sha). Which also, cutely enough, in Polish means [feminine noun] teddy bear.
ADT  6/19/2006

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