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Hebrew for "Who is like the lord".
MsPeaches2210  7/2/2005
Title of a beautiful song-
Michelle, ma belle, these are words that go together well, my Michelle
Michelle, ma belle, sontles mots qui vont tres bien ensemble, tres bienensemble
I love you, I love you, I love you, that's all I want to say until I find a way
I will say the only words I know that you'll understand.

I need you, I need you, I need you, I need to make you see oh what you mean to me
until I do I'm hoping you will know what I mean

I want you, I want you, I want you, I think you know by now
I'll get to you somehow until I do I'm telling you so you'll understand
Michelle, ma belle sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble, tres bienensemble
I will say the only words I know that you'll understand, my Michelle
POP123  9/23/2005
It's a Beatles song. John Lennon went through a French phase, and to woo a French girl, Michelle, he wrote a song about her. He doesn't know French fluently, only pretended to so he could impress her.
BookHead  10/1/2008
BookHead is incorrect about the use of this name in the Beatles song Michelle. Firstly, Paul McCartney sang and wrote most of it. Secondly, McCartney and Lennon would make up French sounding songs to sound sophisticated during the Quarymen days (pre-Beatles). The wife of a friend of McCartney's taught French, so he asked her to translate "These are words that go together well," which is "sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble." She also came up with "Michelle, Ma Belle."

It's a beautiful song and I always think of it when I hear the name.
MoonAgeDaydreamer  1/3/2009
Also the name of that dumb annoying little spoiled brat on Full House, Michelle Tanner (as portrayed by the Olsen Twins).
― Anonymous User  9/25/2005
A famous bearer of this name is the Mamas and the Papas (a famous 1960s singing group probably best known for their song "California Dreaming") member Michelle Phillips, wife of John Phillips, also a group member (born Holly Michelle Gilliam on June 4, 1944). She kicked off the group for a while, but ended their era with them again in 1968.
AndrewJKD  10/5/2005
Oscar nominated actress Michelle Pfeiffer (The Witches of Eastwick, White Oleander, Dangerous Minds, etc...) is a famous bearer of this name.
― Anonymous User  10/12/2005
A famous bearer is the multiple-medal-winning figure skater, Michelle Kwan.
Wordsmith14  10/23/2005
Michelle is a very nice name, considering that it is my middle name. And it's *not* just the feminine form of Michael. Michael can also be the masculine form of Michelle. Sorry, I'm a bit of a feminist.
― Anonymous User  11/20/2005
Well, Michelle is my middle name also, and I have to say it IS the feminine form of Michael. The name Michael came first, being mentioned in the Bible written centuries before the name Michelle. I love my name, and I'm glad it means "Who is like the Lord?"
breakofday  12/16/2005
I love my name! I find it much better than Lisa, because this would have become nearly my name.
― Anonymous User  12/31/2005
I love this name. It brings to mind the word "composure". Also used in the great tv show "24" - Michelle Dessler played by the beautiful Reiko Aylesworth.
bas  1/5/2006
Another feminine pet form of Michel I have heard is Michette. I think it's a bit antiquated now, and Michelle and Micheline are more popular.
hana  2/7/2006
lindamaree  3/9/2006
Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Pfeiffer, Michelle Williams
-all owners of this popular name-
lindamaree  3/9/2006
This is my name and I am happy about that. I wish that this name had a meaning of its own other than being a feminization of a male name. I think that this name has a beautiful soft sound, not unlike Sophie. I am happy that such a feminine name need not end in 'a' like Michaela.
― Anonymous User  3/24/2006
My sister's name is Michelle. I think it is a very pretty name, and has a mind of its own. I don't care that it is the *feminine* form of Michael. It doesn't seem like that, so who should care?
ljs73  4/2/2006
I've NEVER liked this name. It just doesn't sound very nice I think. Maybe it's because it's so popular.
― Anonymous User  4/29/2006
I think it is a sexy, feminine name. I love names with a "sh" sound in them.
sharkycharming  5/10/2006
Michelle Rodriguez is an actress. She appeared in "The Fast and the Furious," but is probably best known for her role as Ana-Lucia in the hit T.V. show "Lost."
breakofday  5/15/2006
Michelle is my middle name, after the aforementioned Beatles song.
viper  5/28/2006
I've always liked this name; it's very pretty. I have a friend and a sister with this name. It's very popular, but I still like it. And I believe that the name's popularity will drop with the coming generations, after being so very popular for so long. It will be a classic, I think.
websurfer  5/28/2006
Famous bearer: Actress Michelle Williams from "Dawson's Creek."
Tudor  6/14/2006
Famous bearer: Michelle Branch (born 2 July 1983), American singer-songwriter, formerly a solo artist but now a member of The Wreckers, and most famous for her hit 'Everywhere'. She is apparently named after the Beatles' song 'Michelle'.
reservoirdoll1987  6/17/2006
I like the meaning of Michelle, which is "Who is like the Lord". It happens to be my real name. The name Michelle is also the English name of Michiru, also known as Sailor Neptune, from the anime show Sailor Moon.
DarkShizuka  6/20/2006
Michelle Rene Thomas, who starred in the television show "Little Men", is a famous bearer of the name.
Diamante04  6/28/2006
I really don't like this name, even though all the Michelles I know are very friendly and nice.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2006
On the English verison of Sailor Moon, Sailor Neptune is named Michelle.
Hailey2006  7/7/2006
Michelle is the American version of Sailor Neptune in the anime Sailor moon. The Japanese name version's name is Michiru.

I think it's a beautiful name, simple because Michelle is one of my favorite characters on the episode, along with her partner and lover, Amara ((Haruka)).
Spammer479  10/9/2008
My only problem with the name Michelle is that its French pronunciation is the same as the pronunciation of the masculine name Michel.
― Anonymous User  7/13/2006
My sister's name is Michelle and we all call her Shelli or Shells or Shelli-Belli. Michelle just seemed too long for her.
whitedotblackdot  7/26/2006
This is the name of actress Michelle Federer who played Nessarose in Wicked until January 2006.
svit-kona  7/27/2006
My name is Michelle, and it's a very easy name to work with. I neither like, nor dislike my name, because I'm so used to it, I guess. My middle name is Abbie, which I guess sounds pretty: Michelle Abbie.
LoveTheNameMackenzie  8/9/2006
Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar bears this name.
elliebeth  8/26/2006
I like this name, it is a very pretty name. I have a friend named Michelle and she is really nice so whenever I meet another Michelle I expect the same!
AlexisHaberly  10/7/2006
The French pronunciation of the name is far better than the English one, but the name is still so overused. I always associate it with the eighties!
khaotickharma  11/7/2006
Michelle Tumes is a Christian music artist.
― Anonymous User  11/11/2006
Michelle is my middle name. I personally don't think it is a good first name because it's become so popular it's now a little bland. But that's my opinion.
My little brother that died when he was born is named "Michael". I am honored to share that name with him, who I wish I knew. I adore the meaning, "Who is like the LORD?" I like my middle name overall. I'd give it a 6/10 or 7/10.
Adr90  11/11/2006
My name is Michelle, I have been a Michelle for 16 years and I think it's a nice name. Hardly no one calls me Michelle when they're not mad. I have a lot of nicknames, that includes Michi (my favorite), Michela, Missy, Chela, Ella, Chely, Ellie, Mich, Micha, Michely, etc, etc.
― Anonymous User  1/13/2007
I think that Michelle would make a very pretty middle name of a short first name like Lilli, Lilly or Sandra. Michelle reminds me of the beach (shell). It also reminds me of the sunshine.
calli_gurl13  1/25/2007
The beautiful American actress Michelle Susan Ward, also known as Susan Ward!
iva_toneva  2/13/2007
My name is Michelle, a name not as popular in Australia. Don't get me wrong there are a fair few Michelle's around but I have always felt my name is special. I spell my nickname Chelle rather than Shell because there is no S in my name and it annoys me! I agree that it obviously was more fashionable back in the 80's but I think it is a classic name that will always have a place.
Chelle  2/19/2007
I like this name because it's my middle name ♥ Go me! the only problem is I know way too many Amber Michelles. =[
x3ThatGurlAmberx3  3/24/2007
I think that Michelle is one of the most feminine and prettiest names. There's not a better one out there.
― Anonymous User  4/8/2007
Michelle's my middle name and I like it, it's not 'shameful' like some people's middle names. The only thing I don't like is that my brother's middle name is Michael and that's the reason I have Michelle as my middle name.
lisa_7  4/11/2007
A famous bearer of this name is Tenitra Michelle Williams, who went by her middle name Michelle, from the group Destiny's Child.
CharlieRob  5/6/2007
My sister's name is Michelle and we call her Chelley for short. It suits her. I've always liked it spelled Michele better though.
jaimej  6/12/2007
Surreal  6/30/2007
Michelle is for people who automatically think a name is beautiful just by virtue of the fact that it's French. French names just make me think of porn stars.
queenv  10/3/2007
My name is Michelle and I think it's a very trendy name that has now died out. It rose after the Beatles' song came out and went during the nineties.
― Anonymous User  11/4/2007
My name is Michelle. I like my name but I like to be called Chelly, I don't like it when people spell it Shelly.
― Anonymous User  11/9/2007
This is my daughters name and I love it. We named her Michelle Leanne and the Michelle came from the song "My Michelle". It fits her well since she loves the Lord----Meaning being like the Lord. I really believe our names are significant to our life and hold great value to who we are and should be appreciated for that reason. I especially love biblical names for that reason.
mawmaw90910007  1/4/2008
Michelle Grandy is a nurse/mid-wife and is included in the new book In Their Shoes by the author Deborah Reber.
Patricia Underwood  3/7/2008
A famous bearer is English actress Michelle Ryan (born 22 April 1984). She is best known for her role as Zoe Slater in BBC soap opera 'EastEnders' from 2000 to 2005. She also starred as Jamie Sommers in the American remake of the television series 'Bionic Woman' in 2007.
AndrewJKD  4/12/2008
"My Michelle" is a song by Guns 'N Roses.
a_lovers_charm  4/16/2008
There was a character named Michelle Dessler in 24 in season 2-5.
Rachelgirl1989  4/22/2008
Michelle Carlson is one of the fictional Carlson septuplets.
Patricia Underwood  6/5/2008
I like Michelle because I like Michael. It's a better feminine version than Michaela because Michelle is stable, calm and lovely while Michaela has been so badly used and oddly spelled that it is just too slutty.
gio2475  6/26/2008
Michelle is my middle name. I think that it is very pretty but the only thing I don't like about it is that it makes my full name 26 letters long.
xtina  7/16/2008
For me, Michelle sounds like a very EVIL name, no offense if it's your name. The chelle is the part that sounds evil to me.
mary26  7/19/2008
Michelle Madonna is one of the 7 girls on Queen Bees.
Dianna475  9/1/2008
Michelle Akers, footballer, born 1st February, 1966 in Santa Clara, California.
Emilie007  9/3/2008
In Dutch we pronounced it as Michelluh.
Kaat5  9/10/2008
This is a pretty name that suits girls and women of all ages. It sounds quite similar to names like Rachel and Rochelle, but they're not related. The only problem is that it has the word hell in it.
― Anonymous User  11/1/2008
Idiotic, bratty, you name it I absolutely hate this name. I HATE THIS NAME sorry but that's what I think I mean it has the word HELL in it so it's gotta be bad.
― Anonymous User  11/2/2008
Michelle Obama (United States possible new First Lady) is also a famous bearer.
EllyKash  11/3/2008
This name is also commonly used in the Netherlands. [noted -ed]
renee06  12/9/2008
Michelle is a beautiful name. My mother's middle name is Michelle, and she has always gone by her middle name. To me it brings to mind someone smart, strong, and determined, but that may be because that's how my mother is. I plan to use it as a middle name for my first daughter.
britto08  1/17/2009
This is also my name ^_^ But it's my second name. I think it goes better with Eunice in front of it. (only in my opinion) I like Michelle and Eunice together because they make a good combination. My first name is Eunice and many people always forget it. So I just ask them to call me by my second name which is Michelle, that is easier to remember and spell :P. I love this name ^_^ It always makes me think of ME in a SHELL = Meshell (Michelle) cool huh?
Stralbem  3/1/2009
My aunt's name is Michelle, and I usually call her 'Chel-Chel' which is pronounced Chelle-Chelle. I love how it ends in an 'elle', but that might be because I have a lot of people in my family that names end in 'elle' (Janelle, Gabrielle, Marielle).
pink__tofu  5/16/2009
I can't believe no one mentioned Michelle Obama, the current First Lady of the USA.
― Anonymous User  6/9/2009
Full House Michelle anyone?
― Anonymous User  6/26/2009
I would never name my daughter this, but it's a pretty name, it's old fashion and common but it isn't bad. Mimi would be a wonderful nickname.
italiannames  6/29/2009
Michelle Duggar and her family are featured in a popular reality show and recent book.
emily  7/10/2009
I don't really care for this name. It is very common and sounds too plain.
kristina2003  8/1/2009
One of my sisters' name is Michelle, but she thinks it's too serious so she goes by Shelly. I personally like the name Michelle, it sounds nice. But I also love the nickname Shelly.
― Anonymous User  2/28/2010
It's okay. Not good or bad. Average.
lucyskydiamonds  3/8/2010
Seemed like one of those run of the mill names until one day, I came across it and was caught off guard by its sweetness. I love eccentric and out there names, but this has been added to my PNL. Might even use it.
silly_rabbit  6/8/2010
Just another name used within an inch of its life. For all its popularity, it's never appealed to me. There's something trite about it, despite it being touted as "sweet" and "beautiful", but this may have more to do with Full House than I'd like to admit. Whatever the reason, I've come to rather dislike the name. Its usage was probably inspired by French being the go-to language for all things romance, but with hundreds of Michelles running around, it's hardly exotic or an original connection. Despite everyone imagining a beautiful woman when they hear this name, I think it's quite juvenile.
Wilted  6/15/2010
One of my sisters is named Michelle. She has gone by 'Shelly' from the time she was little. I happen to love this name, even if it is wildly popular.
GothicScarlett  7/7/2010
Not necessarily bad, but rather boring and played out.
Chrila96  11/28/2010
Michelle LaBorde was a well-known lawyer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and also a victim of her husband, John Battaglia Jr.'s abuse. Her struggles with John are detailed in the book "No, Daddy, Don't" by Irene Pence.
DaphneSusan  1/9/2011
My middle name is Michelle because my first name wasn't very common when I was born and my parents wanted a more contemporary middle name. While I'm glad my middle name isn't 'Rose' or 'Nicole' or another typical middle name, I really wish they'd been a little more classic and original.
― Anonymous User  3/7/2011
A bit bland, but it still makes a good middle name.
Christina Rose  6/4/2011
This is my name :) I don't like it at all, growing up there were always several other Michelle's so I was always "Michelle R." never just plain Michelle. I also hate when people call me Shell or Shelly. I think it's better used as a middle name, or not at all lol.
michelle.ramirez  4/25/2012
Michelle (1395-1422) was the daughter of King Charles VI of France and his wife Isabeau of Bavaria.
CarolinW  6/11/2012
Dutch pronunciation is mee-SHEL-ə.
renee06  12/21/2012
What a boring name. Yawn.
― Anonymous User  6/12/2013
I've only met one Michelle and she was a huge backstabber and only cared about herself and her money. So naturally if you have his name I will be a bit leery of you.
Sound: It sounds pretty, but almost to the point of sounding plain.
Spelling: 10/10
Uniqueness: 6/10 It's a pretty common name, but not overused.
Overall: The name is nice.
Gio123  10/21/2013
Michelle Henke is a main character in the Honor Harrington series of Military SF novels by David Weber. She is the title character's best friend, and is noted for being an excellent tactician with a sense of humor and an outgoing personality. She is also a fan favorite, and one of my favorite characters in the entire series.
― Anonymous User  12/24/2013
It's a very feminine name and I think it's a good 'filler' name. When you can't think of a middle name for your daughter, put Michelle in there and 9 times out of 10 it'll flow well with ANY first name. But, the downside for me is that it's super popular and why I don't particularly like it... but it is pretty.

The actress Priscilla Presley has a sister named Michelle, who was the maid of honor at Elvis & Priscilla's wedding.
― Anonymous User  3/27/2014
In france it's a very old fashioned name.
luxsword  4/28/2014
Michelle is American actress Ashley Tisdale's middle name.
― Anonymous User  5/5/2014
This was my mother's name (who was a wicked woman). I still hate it anyway because it's quite dated.
Jason Malcolm  5/10/2014
Michelle Keegan, an English actress.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2014
This is my name, and it's cool. It goes well with my mom's name, which is my middle, and makes it more unique when I provide the full name. There were maybe two to four other Michelles in my school. I'd have rather been given the rare name of my great-grandmother that was considered for me (Theodora; could've been called Dory and been the absolute only one in the school!), but, I'm happy with my parent's choice. I mean, it's not a super-favorite of mine aside from belonging to me, but it could have been so much worse. XD You get the "Michelle, My Belle" and the Full House references, and I've been nicknamed Michelin, Mike, Michelob, etc. Nothing too bad.

And if I try to consider the name while dissociating myself from it... yeah, it is rather pretty and pleasant-sounding. I like the "elle" in it.
Between this and my middle name, there are some nice nickname opportunities for me.
IEnjoyTonsOGoodNames  3/26/2015
You can go by Micky. My good friend is named Michelle but goes by Micky.
misschefpz  7/10/2015
I grew up in the midwest, and there were so many girls named Michelle, that it almost doesn't have a connotation for me. It's not a classic, blue-blood name, but you can find it in all of the other classes. Lately, a number of Hispanic families have been naming their daughters Michelle, and it's twin, Denise.
GigiGogo  8/2/2015
Michelle Ruff, an American voice actress who is best known for voicing Rukia Kuchiki from 'Bleach', bears this name.
― Anonymous User  8/9/2015
Michelle Suzanne Ruff (born September 22, 1967) is an American voice actress. She is best known for voicing Rukia Kuchiki from 'Bleach', Yuki Nagato from 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya', and Yoko Littner from 'Gurren Lagann'.
― Anonymous User  10/18/2015
Better then Michaela.
Eileen1209864  6/13/2016
Michelle Alves is a Brazilian model. She was born in Londrina, Parana, Brazil, as the daughter of a lawyer and an engineer.
cutenose  6/16/2016
I guess there was a time when this name was so common, nobody wanted to name their kids this anymore. What I mean is I have come across a lot of adults named Michelle, but I have never met a kid named Michelle.
Chasing Cars  8/14/2016
Michelle Auriol (1896-1979), born Michelle Aucouturier was the first Lady of France from 1947 to 1954, her husband: Vincent Auriol was the 16th President of France.
Maxine J. Rolland  1/17/2017
Michelle Leslie who also works under the name Michelle Lee, is an Australian model. Leslie is best known for her 2005 arrest, conviction and three-month imprisonment (time served) for possessing two ecstasy tablets in Bali, Indonesia. Prior to this she was a model for Antz Pantz and Crystelle lingerie.
lilolaf  1/20/2017
Tori Black (born Michelle Chapman) is an American pornographic actress. In 2010, she was named by Loaded magazine as the most facially attractive female performer in the industry. Black started her career at age 18 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she was on a summer vacation while attending college. At her parents' insistence on getting a job, Black saw an advertisement for an adult talent agency and sent in her pictures. The agency accepted and, after considering their offer, Black accepted and returned to the agency a week later. Black's first scene was a solo shaving video for The Score Group, which was filmed in 2007. She was the Penthouse Pet of the Month for December 2008.
cutenose  2/9/2017
Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is an American lawyer and writer who was First Lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017. She is married to the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, and was the first African-American First Lady. Raised on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, Obama is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School, and spent her early legal career working at the law firm Sidley Austin, where she met her husband. She subsequently worked as the Associate Dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago and the Vice President for Community and External Affairs of the University of Chicago Medical Center. Barack and Michelle married in 1992 and have two daughters.
cutenose  3/2/2017
Michelle is my middle name, and I really like it - and the nickname Shelley, which is also an independent name. I often wish that I had insisted upon going by either Michelle or Shelley, instead of my first name, Paula. That said, it would be difficult to get used to having a name that is so much more popular than the one I am accustomed to. For my own generation, Michelle was definitely super popular. I love the alternative spelling, Michele, which is how singer-songwriter Debbie Gibson's sister spells it. I go back and forth about whether I prefer Michelle or Michele, as both are attractive, in different ways. I'm glad that this feminine version of Michael does not suffer from awful spelling variants, in the way that Michaela does. Michaela is lovely, but that is the only spelling of the name that I find attractive.
Paula Puddephatt  5/5/2017
Michelle Molbegott is a Los Angeles based actress originally from San Diego, California. Her most recent credits include A-Lister, Umaru(2016) and Dead Air. She has trained for film and television and studied method acting at the Rehearsal Room Theatre acting school with Carey Scott as well as Meisner technique at BGB Studio with Tim Conlon. She has had vocal training and years of musical theatre experience including playing Mimi in RENT and Eponine in Les Miserables.
cutenose  6/15/2017
Other spellings are Michel, Michell, Michele, Mishelle.
― Anonymous User  7/4/2017
Michelle Ferrari, is an Italian pornographic actress and television personality. Born as Cristina Ricci in La Spezia, Ferrari started her career in 2005 with an amateur film shot with her boyfriend of the time. She chose her stage name thanks to a vague resemblance to the television personality Michelle Hunziker.
cutenose  7/13/2017
Michelle J. Payne is an Australian jockey. She won the 2015 Melbourne Cup, riding Prince of Penzance, and was the first female jockey to win the event. The youngest daughter of Paddy and Mary Payne, Payne grew up on a farm at Miners Rest, a locality near Ballarat in central Victoria, Australia. Her mother Mary died in a motor vehicle crash when Payne was six months old, leaving her father Paddy to raise their ten children as a single father. Payne dreamt of being a winning jockey as a child, and, aged seven, told friends she would one day win the Melbourne Cup. She attended Lady Help of Christians primary school and Loreto College, Ballarat, and entered racing aged 15, the eighth of the Payne children to do so. She has Irish Australian heritage.
cutenose  7/14/2017
Michelle Sung Wie is a Korean-American professional golfer who plays on the LPGA Tour. At age 10, she became the youngest player to qualify for a USGA amateur championship. Wie also became the youngest winner of the U.S. Women's Amateur Public Links and the youngest to qualify for an LPGA Tour event. She turned professional shortly before her 16th birthday in 2005, accompanied by an enormous amount of publicity and endorsements. She won her first major at the 2014 U.S. Women's Open.
cutenose  7/18/2017
Michelle Lynn Shupack, professionally known by her stage name Michelle Visage, is an American singer, television host, radio DJ, author, and television personality. She began her career as a member of the female vocal trio Seduction. After the band's separation, Visage became the lead singer for The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. in 1992. She also featured as a guest vocalist on the single "Crash" for TKA.
cutenose  7/21/2017
Michelle Phan is an American make-up demonstrator and entrepreneur who became notable as a YouTube personality. Phan's YouTube channel has over 8 million subscribers, 1.1 billion lifetime views, and 385 uploaded videos.
lilolaf  7/28/2017
Michelle Wingshan Kwan is an American retired figure skater. She is a two-time Olympic medalist, five-time World champion and nine-time U.S. champion. She competed at a high level for over a decade and is the most decorated figure skater in U.S. history. Known for her consistency and expressive artistry on ice, she is widely considered one of the greatest figure skaters of all time. For well over a decade, Kwan maintained her status not only as America's most popular figure skater but as one of America's most popular female athletes. During her reign Kwan landed numerous major endorsement deals, starred in multiple TV specials and was the subject of extensive media coverage. From 1997 to 2005, she was the U.S. Figure Skating Association's top-paid skater in appearance fees and prize money, as well as one of the highest paid Winter Olympic athletes in endorsements. Kwan was also the highest paid skater on the Champions on Ice tours.
lilolaf  7/28/2017
The name doesn't mean a person who is like God. Rather, it's a rhetorical question: "Who is like God?". The answer to that question is: no one is like God. This is my name and I was wrong for years about its meaning. I thought it meant being like God. Nope.
― Anonymous User  10/8/2017
Michelle Aline (Aileen) is my mother's name. She was born in Paris, France and she pronounces it MeShell with the end emphasizing the ELLE.. A beautiful name for a beautiful woman.
― Anonymous User  2/10/2018
Also Michelle Gomez - a Scottish actress - her name is so beautiful I just can't wait to name my baby that way!
heymissy  3/7/2018
Michelle the badger (voiced by Elisabeth Moss) is one of the protagonists in the adorable Hanna-Barbera movie Once Upon a Forest. :)
That70sShowGeek  3/10/2018
Why is this such a rare name nowadays? Out of all the people my age I've met, only one of those people has the name Michelle... and it's just their middle name! I guess people just thought it was too common, so people started to use it less. But that means that you won't get chastised if you name your child this, as it's not common anymore!
MarioDM02  3/16/2018

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