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-turtle (not so common in modern names, I don't think)

Some people add "ko" to Miki. Could add "e" (pronounced ay).
-- abbasdaughter  12/27/2005
The names Mikio and Mikiya are 2 boys' names that contain "miki".
-- abbasdaughter  12/27/2005
Famous bearer is morning musume member Miki Fujimoto. Also Miki Kaoru is a member of the student counsel in Chiho Saito's manga Shojo Kakumei Utena.
-- Jeana Bradbury  4/30/2006
One more thing. While "Miki" can mean the trunk of a tree, beautiful tree wouldn't work because the "ki" kanji for tree in a name tends to be a boys' name and Miki is a girls' name.
-- abbasdaughter  5/22/2006
In the graphic novel Cheeky Angel, Megumi's best friend (or maybe she's her sister, I'm not quite sure) is named Miki.
-- blackrosedye  7/27/2006
This is the name of Minto Aizawa's dog in the anime/manga series Tokyo Mew Mew.
-- Tsuki  7/23/2007
Marmalade Boy character Miki Koishikawa.
-- Keira_111  8/11/2007
In the anime series Full Moon Wo (O) Sagashite, Izumi called Mitsuki Miki for fun.
-- Dessa  9/29/2007
My friend's name is Mikaela. We call her Miki for short.
-- DontDissMadison  10/28/2007
It's a tremendously cute nickname, but maybe a bit too youthful to be used when the girl has hit 16 or so. Certainly not good as an official name, except in Japan.
-- slight night shiver  4/30/2008
A character from the japanese show Shugo Chara! is named Miki.
-- sailormars  6/16/2009
Miki Yoshida is the main character of the manga Miki Falls by Mark Crilley.
-- Zeredek  7/26/2009
Miki Ando (or Ando Miki as it would be in Japan) is a famous Japanese figure skater born on December 18, 1987. She has been to the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics and 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and was also the 2007 World Champion. As of February 2010, she is ranked 5th in the World. She is the first and only female skater to complete a quadruple jump successfully in competition.

The kanji used for her name (美姫) mean 'a beautiful princess/lady'.
-- Anonymous User  3/3/2010
This name sounds very much like a diminutive, or the kind of thing you would name your pet to me. It just doesn't sound like full-name material. That doesn't have to mean it's bad, though.
-- CrystalGlacia  2/18/2011
Miki Berenyi was a singer-guitarist for the shoegaze band Lush.
-- mymymetrocard  10/7/2011
Miki Nonaka from Morning Musume 16. I haven't yet listened to old Momusu but... yeah. And then there's SF-A2 Miki from Vocaloid.

I personally think that this name should be used in all countries... only because it's very unique. :D.
-- Anonymous User  5/28/2016

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