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Mikuláš is a beautiful name :-))
Mikuláš je krásné jméno
The famous bearer: actor Mikuláš Křen.
Maggie_Simpson  8/11/2006
Pronounced as "Mikoo-lah:sh" (short -oo-).
Maggie_Simpson  11/2/2007
Mikuláš Opavský (perhaps 1255 – 26 July 1318), son of Přemysl II Otakar and his lover, Austrian noblewoman Agnes of Kuenringer.

Mikuláš is a fictional character from the TV series "Hop nebo trop". He is played by Roman Zach.
Emilie007  11/19/2008
Pronounced "MIK-uw-lah:sh".
Emilie007  11/19/2008

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