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I love Milan for a girl, but I don’t like it for a boy at all! Milan sounds feminine enough, Milana as a feminine form sounds and looks ugly. This name doesn’t need a feminine form. Milan is feminine the way it is!
― Anonymous User  12/24/2018
Milana is becoming more used in Russia and it is a nice, soft name with a sweet meaning. I think I prefer this to Milena.
Lilia1  4/11/2018
In Czech the meaning of Milana is "gracious, favored." In Russian the name comes from the Russian word "milaya" which in turn comes from the Old East Slavic word "mil" meaning "dear, beloved, pleasant, sweet." So in Russian the name Milana means "dear, beloved, sweetheart, darling." There is debate about whether the name Milana is originally Czech or Russian in its origin as the etymology of the name goes very far back in both of these languages.

There is also a theory that the name Milana is Italian and is derived from the name of Milan city in Italy. According to this theory Milana means "fashionable lady" as Milan is the center of fashion in Italy.
― Anonymous User  8/25/2017
Also used in Netherlands.
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  12/31/2016
Also a combination of Maria and Lana.
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  12/31/2016
Also used in Russia, I believe. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  10/4/2016
Milana is also common in Chechnya.
habibti  8/21/2013
This name is also Croatian and Serbian. [noted -ed]
enchy  5/5/2011
Also used in Croatia. [noted -ed]
Sofia  1/9/2011
That right there is a beautiful name. If I ever become famous, my stage name will be Milana something. Beautiful.
italiannames  7/5/2009
Also a Serbian name and like the person above me said Milena is more prevalent in Serbia as well.
― Anonymous User  3/17/2009
In the Czech Republic a common form is Milena (more than 90%), than Milana.
Karcoolka  6/20/2007

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