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Not too many people understand what an excellent boy name this is in my opinion. MILO or MILLO is a somewhat common name in the US (for example from the movie MILO and OTTIS.) My only problem with the name MILO is that it, well, sounds a little like a pet name or the name of an old man, but the name MILOS (mee-los) sounds great. People shound consider using it more in my opinion.
-- brittany91788  7/29/2005
Actually, Milos is pronounced mee-lowsh, at least in Serbian. It's not mee-los.
-- Anonymous User  3/12/2006
It is not correct that Miloš is pet form of Miloslav. It's one of the oldest Serbian names.
-- darja013  3/27/2006
Ugly ugly ugly! I hate this name. It's ok for an old fat man. Czech pronunciation is MEE-losh (short ee).
-- Anonymous User  7/10/2006
A famous bearer is Greek-Italian actress Sofia Milos ("CSI: Miami", "Desire").
-- Maggie_Simpson  2/22/2007
Also a masculine name in Slovenia. [noted -ed]
-- earthnut  7/18/2007
Famous bearers:
Director Miloš Forman, born at 18. February 1932, Čáslav, Czechoslovakia.
Actor Miloš Kopecký, born at 22. August 1922, Praha, Czechoslovakia. Date of Death: 16. February 1996, Praha, Czechia.
Writer Miloš Macourek, born at 2. December 1926, Kroměříž, Czechoslovakia. Date of Death: 30. September 2002, Praha, Czechia.
Actor Miloš Nesvadba, born at 17. April 1925, Praha, Czechoslovakia.
-- Karcoolka  9/29/2007
It sounds so much nicer than Milo. :)
-- Katja Eidis  3/22/2008
A famous bearer is the vastly underrated director Milos Forman, who worked on such legendary films as One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Hair, and Man On The Moon.
-- Akua Topaz  6/4/2008
Also used in Croatia. [noted -ed]
-- goricar  11/20/2009
In Serbian it is pronounced as in Czech; mee-losh (short ee). And in my opinion it has no relation to old, fat men at all. It reminds me of a virile, free-spirited youth, maybe because of Miloš Obilić, young Serbian nobleman who killed Sultan Murat I.
-- Anonymous User  1/3/2011
American businessman Donald Trump jr. and his wife Vanessa have a son Tristan Milos (born October 2, 2011).
-- Meg_Simpson  1/1/2012
This was the name of my husband's great-grandfather (who changed his name to Michael upon arriving in the US), and we plan to use it as a middle name if our baby is a boy.
-- Anonymous User  1/24/2013
Milos Raonic is a Canadian tennis player who was born in what is now Montenegro.
-- bibi66  4/27/2013
Milos sounds so pretty if you say it correctly, like ME-lowsh. It seems like the name of a prince or something. It's actually really fun to say. Kind of soothing actually. I've been saying "Milos" to myself for like 2 minutes straight.
-- Quertian  11/15/2015
Not really famous, but is the husband of youtuber Brittani Louise Taylor.
-- akg1ltmr  10/29/2016

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