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A famous bearer of this name was (female) UK racecourse owner Mirabel Topham (?-1980).
-- Anonymous User  12/29/2006
The main character in Steve Martin's novella "Shopgirl" is named Mirabelle. The character was played by Claire Danes in the movie adaptation, also staring Steve Martin and Jason Schwartzman.
-- darkblue  8/31/2008
Mirabelle Beatrice Lee (born 2007 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American child actress. She has a twin sister named Anais.
-- Anonymous User  8/11/2012
Brian Adams has a daughter named Mirabel.
-- queen_vic  1/20/2015
"Mirabell" is a short story by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren about a magical, talking doll.
-- Caprice  3/5/2016
In "Anne of Avonlea" by Lucy Maud Montgomery, Mirabel Cotton is one of Anne's students. She and Dora share a seat.
-- Mrs Arpino  4/4/2017

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