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"Mireia" was an old form to call virgin Mary in an old language called Occitanian which has already disappeared. This language was spoken in nowadays southern France. It is also said that it comes from the Latin word "mirare".
The Catalan tradition says women who have this name are active, have a nice smile and have a natural beauty. Besides, they say that those women are intelligent, are really keen on nature and like kids. In love they are supposed to be romantic and passionate.
Mireia_BCN  12/4/2004
In Spain it is, in general, spelled "MIREYA" while in Catalonia it is spelled "MIREIA".
Mireia_BCN  12/4/2004
Pronounced "mee-RAY-uh".
mar  3/15/2006
In Spanish, it can also be spelled as Mireya.

Mireya Moscoso was the first female president of the Republic of Panama. [noted -ed]
ely_riverbank  4/17/2011

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