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Miriam Hopkins (Ellen Miriam Hopkins, born October 18, 1902 in Savannah, Georgia, died October 9, 1972 in New York City) was a movie actress of the 1930s. She starred in Becky Sharp (1935), the first movie in color. She also appeared in The Smiling Lieutenant (1931), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932), The Old Maid (1939), The Heiress (1949), Carrie (1952), The Children's Hour (1962) and The Chase (1966), among other films.
alberto  1/8/2006
Miriam Stockley is a British singer.
― Anonymous User  4/18/2006
Miriam McDonald, an actress on Degrassi: The Next Generation.
― Anonymous User  5/19/2006
I love Miriam. It is a gorgeous name with sweet nicknames (Miri, Mira, Mimi) and a great history. Jewish legends tell us that when Pharaoh decreed all baby boys would be killed Miriam's parents seperated so they would not have a son and have to lose him. Miriam, then a small child, convinced her parents not too. Because they stayed together Moses was born. There is also a story that Miriam somehow provided a well for the Israelites to drink from while they were in the desert. This comes partly because right after the bible tells us Miriam died it tells us that the Israelites had no water to drink from, partially due to Miriam sounding the same as the same as the Hebrew word for water (Ma'yim). She is also said to have been the leader of the women in the camp.

Miriam also has wonderful stories in canon such as her watching over her baby brother in the reeds, and her singing and dancing with the women after the Israelites crossed the Red Sea.

This is a beautiful name with a wonderful namesake.
ZoeAliza  4/7/2008
Miriam Belisario was an English writer.
Dame Miriam Rothschild was an English botanist.
Jonquil  9/1/2008
Miriam Ferguson was the first female governor of Texas, serving once from 1925 to 1927 and again from 1933 to 1935.
bananarama  9/8/2009
Miriam Spickler, better known as actress Mimi Rogers is a famous bearer.
― Anonymous User  5/5/2011
Moses' sister.

I think it's very pretty. It sounds light and... maybe like little bells? But that's just me.
crazy4christj  4/6/2013
Miriam is the name of Helga's (apparently) alcoholic mother on the cartoon Hey Arnold.
Lolth  5/7/2013
Every Passover it's a tradition in my family to watch The Prince of Egypt, which is another take on the Exodus. I'm always going to associate this name with the Miriam from that movie. She was my favorite character - compassionate, inspiring, and such a big part of shaping Moses' future.
small hero 6  7/3/2015
Miriam Rivera is a Mexican transsexual woman who appeared on the reality television shows There's Something About Miriam and Big Brother Australia 2004. Miriam has also worked as an adult model under the name Victoria and as a non-adult model.
cutenose  6/16/2016
Miriam Makeba is an African musician and civil rights activist.
― Anonymous User  11/12/2016
Miriam Cani is an Albanian singer and television host. At the age of six, she moved together with her family to Heidelberg, Germany. She was a member of the successful German pop girl group Preluders.
cutenose  1/3/2017
Miriam Weeks, known predominantly by her stage name of Belle Knox, is an American former pornographic actress of Indo-Canadian descent. She is known for performing in pornography while studying at Duke University.
cutenose  7/31/2017
On the Nickelodeon show Rugrats, Lou Pickles has a cousin named Miriam, whom Stu and Didi call "Aunt Miriam".
That70sShowGeek  2/21/2018
Miriam Stevenson, Miss Universe 1954, was the first ever Miss USA to win the Miss Universe crown.
That70sShowGeek  4/26/2018

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