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Miro is also a coniferous tree in New Zealand.
mirob3  4/21/2006
It is a common male name in Russia and Poland but is also used to some degree in Spain. But not as often as Miro in Spanish means to look.
mirob3  4/21/2006
Joan Miro Ferrara 4/20/1893-12/25/1983
Surrealistic painter, sculptor and he dabbled in textiles a little. He also viewed art as actual work unlike so many artists of his time.
mirob3  4/21/2006
Pronounced Mir-o (roll the "r").
mirob3  4/21/2006
Miro is also the title of a song by the band Finch.
Wally  6/3/2006
A main character in Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game series. In the novel, this is actually a nickname from his Portuguese given name, once translated literally as "I look upon thee with desire."
Dray  12/31/2006
This given name was used as an alias by a character, a deeply conflicted young freedom fighter (or terrorist) in the tragic 1980 hostage novel "After the First Death." It was an extremely thought-provoking book, some people actually assigned it to be read by middle school students.
― Anonymous User  4/10/2007
Also used in Croatia and Slovakia.
lcgirl20  2/15/2009
Miro is Croatian too. [noted -ed]
goricar  12/6/2009
Miro is pretty much given name in Finland too.
Dizabella  12/23/2010

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