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"Moana" is the name of a song on The Deftones album.
astri_parel  6/26/2005
In the film "Pan's Labyrinth", the alternate name of the heroine, Ofelia, was Moanna. As princess of the underworld, her name was Moanna, and as the reincarnation of Moanna, her name was Ofelia. Moanna was pronounced MWAH-nuh. This is an interesting name, though I'm not sure I love it.
harry_sent_me  5/12/2008
It's the name of an Italian pornstar.
sherazade  4/8/2010
Revealed as the name of the newest Disney princess, whose film is to be released in 2016.
LMS  10/23/2014
Moana Pozzi was an Italian pornographic actress, actress, television personality, model, politician and writer.
lilolaf  4/24/2017
A girl named Moana occurs in Astrid Lindgren's book "Pippi in the South Seas", she's a playmate of Pippi, Annika, and Thomas there.
elbowin  5/11/2017

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