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Moe Oshikiri is a Japanese model best known for her work with fashion magazine AneCan and its sister magazine CanCam, which Oshikiri was a former top model for. She is also a designer, starting her own Kimono line branded under her name, as well as a hosiery line with CanCam model Yuri Ebihara called f*ing motesto.
cutenose  7/22/2017
Moe Arai is a Japanese actress and gravure model, known for Tomie: Anrimiteddo, Myûzu no kagami and Twilight Syndrome: Dead Go Round.
cutenose  6/30/2017
It's probably not the best idea to name one's child this unless you are Japanese/live in Japan. And even then, I don't know how they would react...
― Anonymous User  5/15/2017
Despite the association with the slang verb 'moeru' (萌える) where you have a crush with an anime character, the name is in 72nd place out of 1000 in 2014 when used with 萌.
Moe, using the phonetic characters (もえ) is in 817th place.
The name (萌 and もえ) was in 63rd and 3993rd in 1989 respectively which is before the slang verb and the Moe girls became known.

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m4yb3_daijirou  1/16/2015
Please, don't use this! It's such a common term among the anime fandom, and doubtless you'll get laughs from fans.
Buneary  1/8/2013
If I'm not incorrect, I think I think this is also a style of anime drawing.
Pippin  4/7/2008
In Burmese (Myanmar), "Moe" means rain. It comes from neither Japanese nor Burmese, it acually is from Tibetan language.
gal.blablablah  11/7/2007
Pronounced Mo-AY.
Lerato  4/30/2007
I believe that this is pronounced in Japanese mo-i, not mo.
Snake712  1/21/2007
Nope. In Japanese, it's pronounced "moh-eh".
asforoneday  4/17/2007
Another meaning for Moe in Japanese is the slang term for the fuzzy feeling you get when you watch a character (usually in anime). So if you think your child might go to Japan some day, or meet someone Japanese or who likes Japanese culture, then avoid this name, because they might get teased. Or adored.
― Anonymous User  11/23/2006
I would also like to add that this is actually a "fangirl" expression. Now, it is more commonly used for yaoi (gay) love, especially in anime (it is recurrent in the anime Ouran). And I also do not recommend anyone to give this name to their child. Although it sounds cute, there is a huge risk of your child being teased, or being savagely chased around by yaoi fanatics.
seishou  3/23/2007
This name is quite cute, and yes, it is used in reference to a sort of fuzzy feeling. But to the people who have used this place to take cracks about people who enjoy yaoi, I find your references to "yaoi fanatics" quite rude, as if they are all some sort of freak. The term moe, which has here been bizarrely associated with yaoi (it has nothing to do with yaoi), is really quite cute. I think the term is too obscure to become a problem, and I see no risk of such imaginary crazed yaoi fans hunting a bearer down.
Wilted  1/7/2009

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