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Mona (3) is my name. It was given to me upon marriage by my Egyptian husband 41 years ago. It means "My Desire" or "My Hope" in Arabic and it is not pronounced as in the English name. In English we say "Mowna" but in Arabic it is MONA (the on is prounouced as ON not OWN. It is spelt with a U in Jordan and some other Arabic countries but is very popular all throughout the Arab world whether within the Christian or Muslim communities. By the way my original name was Llyn (Welsh for Clear Lake) and I am Welsh ethnically.
-- zahraelnil  3/14/2006
Mona Mahmudnizhad, a Baha'i, was arrested and charged for teaching religious education classes to children in Iran. She and the nine other Baha'i women were hanged in 1983. She was 16.
-- kelly1994_2013  9/9/2008
It's pronounced MOO-nah. Like you are saying moon with an 'A' at the end.
-- Arieanne  12/28/2009
Mona is the name of an electric company. It's not a person, but it bears the name.
-- Anonymous User  11/13/2015

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