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From the Greek word Monahos, meaning alone, lonely.
-- Damis  3/1/2005
Is there a shorter way of saying this name? I have a friend who is called Monique, and it gets annoying to say it all of the time.
-- this_is_not_my_name  6/24/2006
As for nicknames it can be Neeki, Mona, Kiki, Nicky or just Monny - though I don't see why you'd want to shorten it. I hate it when people spell it the French way but say it in another way. MO-neek. Not Mawn-NEEK or Mon-ee-kee.
-- Anonymous User  2/1/2007
I have a friend named Monique. I just love her name.
-- stlcowgirl  2/6/2007
Mo'Nique is an actress and comedienne.
-- Anonymous User  6/4/2007
This is a very cute and beautiful name.
-- Anonymous User  8/27/2007
I love this name. This is for beautiful girls only. If I had a chance to change my name I will choose this name.
-- Anonymous User  8/27/2007
Monique Coleman, Taylor McKessie in High School Musical. Also guest-stars on 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody'.

Another bearer would be Nudge from Maximum Ride, whose real name (Monique, of course) comes up several times in the first and second books. (haven't read the third or fourth yet, so I wouldn't know about in there).
-- MioneGranger  6/5/2008
I honestly think Monique is a rather ugly name. I'm sorry and no offense to people with that name. It just reminds me of a mean girl or some fake supermodel with an attitude problem.
-- Junidoe-Josephine  6/23/2008
This name is nice, but it seems to have been turned into a low-class name.
-- bananarama  7/27/2008
This name is historically an Acadien name. It originated from the area Meteghan, Nova Scotia. I received the name through my father who is also Acadien.
-- Anonymous User  1/16/2010
Pronounced Mah-nick.
-- Anonymous User  1/16/2010
My name is Monique. And it is NOT the eEnglish form of Monica.
They are completely different names.
-- Monique Angele  1/16/2010
Yuck. Ugly and pretentious. I don't even particularly like Monica, but it's much better than Monique.
-- Anonymous User  1/18/2011
Monique is the middle name of R&B singer, and former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino.
-- Anonymous User  4/17/2011
I have a special affinity for this name but I am biased since it happens to be my name. My Mother always loved all things French and she thought the sound of my name was as beautiful as a field of sweet lavender covering a provencal countryside. A word of warning however, give your child this name and they may have an unrealistic love for France also. This is what happened to me. I grew up believing as my Mother that France was the height of greatness. I took French in school, loved watching French films and only wanted French perfume. Alas when I was a teenager I met a much older French man and believed he and I were meant to be. I with my French name and he with his Frenchness. I travelled with him to France and was smitten. I even gave birth to our daughter who I also gave a French name. Everything was great except my French love lacked the one thing that was essential over a sweet sounding name, character. He has abandoned his daughter and fled to France where he is jobless and doesn't pay child support. I still like my name, but under no illusion of the superiority of anything French.
-- Anonymous User  4/26/2011
Your child will be a neek (basically a geek).
-- Anonymous User  2/1/2012
Monique is also the middle name of actress Meagan Good.
-- Anonymous User  6/24/2012
My middle name is Monique and I always hated it as I child because I thought it was ugly. But when I learned it was French I started to like it more; it's actually quite beautiful. I pronounce it MO-Neek not Mah-nick.
-- Poco  9/4/2012
The name Monique was given to 114 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/17/2013
Wow, I can't believe people have such horrible unhelpful opinions about this name. Ugly? Low Class? Annoying?

Saint Monique / Monica - was the mother of St. Augustine. She was a woman of virtue - she endured adultery.
Santa Monica CA is named after her.

"Monique" is not English name - it is the French version of the name. Monica IS the Spanish version of Monique. It is of mediterranean origin - sources here claim greek, Latin - but it was also used in North Africa (Monnica), therefore mediterranean seems appropriate.

My source ~ My name is Monique. I am descended from women with variants of the same name: Mona, Monique, Niki, Monet, Monica... so I've done my research.

So you see - it is anything BUT low class and only the unsophisticated would find it annoying, and the ignorant ugly.
-- Anonymous User  4/8/2014
I love my name. I've never felt "low-class" or any or those terrible things. A name shouldn't represent you and who you are. It's just a label. And I like mine. Though I'm not French (3/4 Spanish and 1/4 white) I admire the name. And everyone says my name different so it doesn't matter to me. Just one hint: don't call a Monique a Monica. They are two totally different names.
-- monique_adriona  8/13/2014
Also very common in the Netherlands. [noted -ed]
-- Quamalamalam  11/4/2014
The thing that irritates me most about my name is when people call me Monica... it's a completely different name.
-- Monique Ratcliffe  7/7/2015
My mother was going to name me Stephanie, but my cousin begged her to give me the name Monique. I absolutely love my name. I love the way my lips form when pronouncing the first part "Mo" it's like blowing kisses at people.
-- Harmonique  8/5/2015
Sounds like the name of some sassy black woman who always snaps her fingers and says "OH NO YOU DI-INT!"
-- TyrannosaurusRegina  10/1/2015
My sister's name is Monique and I think the name is quite ghetto, but my sister is FAR from ghetto.
-- Anonymous User  11/11/2015
I quite liked it until I read anonymous users reasons why her name is so flippin' awesome. Now I find it an annoying name.
-- Espy  1/23/2016
I like this name because it rhymes with unique... it reminds me of a somewhat whimsical girl, she loves daydreaming and has a head full of strange (in a good way) ideas :)
-- Anonymous User  1/25/2016

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