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Did you know President Monroe was actually related to Marilyn Monroe (who took the name Monroe from her mother's maiden name)?
-- lindamaree  3/8/2006
Jackson Rathbone's full name is actually Monroe Jackson Rathbone V. He plays Jasper Hale in the Twilight movies.
-- randomlyKeira  6/14/2009
Mariah Carey named her daughter Monroe, sans middle name, after her idol Marilyn Monroe. I can appreciate why she chose it, but I don't like Monroe on a girl. I love it on a boy.
-- Anonymous User  11/22/2011
Monroe Ficus was a main character on the 80s American television series "Too Close for Comfort".
-- Anonymous User  3/19/2012
Jackson's son is named Monroe too, I think.
-- Anonymous User  1/26/2013
Monroe is a main character in the 2011 NBC series 'Grimm'. He is a Blutbad (a werewolf, essentially) and a friend and ally of Nick Burkhardt. He is portrayed by American actor Silas Weir Mitchell.
-- Feorsteorra  10/1/2016
The late heiress Casey Johnson adopted a daughter and named her Ava Monroe. Later, her fiancee Tila Tequila named her daughter Isabella Monroe.
-- EstherTester  1/26/2017

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