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Morgen is German for "morning."
clogva1  3/14/2005
This is the Danish word for "morning" also.
Charlie1977  7/20/2005
In Dutch it's 'morning' too, but also 'tomorrow'.
X-Mar  7/23/2005
Like clogva1 said, Morgen is German for morning but also for tommorrow as well. It is also Norwegian for morning.
SMHRS  11/28/2007
In South Africa this is a unit of measure for land. Its name comes from the area of land that can be ploughed in a morning.
wiswina  12/20/2005
I like the idea of Morgen being spelt with an "e" rather then an "a". It gives the name a different look but it also gives the name a whole other meaning if you take the Dutch or German meaning of "morning". A person who's name is spelled this way separates themselves from all the other Morgans in a way.
Missy  5/22/2006
Morgenstern (Morningstar in german) was my mother's maiden name, but I always thought Morgen would be an awesome name for a little boy.
whitedotblackdot  7/26/2006
I like this spelling of Morgen better than Morgan.
amber monkey  7/31/2006
When I look at this, I think of the 'G' as the 'G' in 'Ginger' not 'Gossip'. If that makes sense. Like "Mor-Jen".
― Anonymous User  12/10/2007

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