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Morpheus is the name of a major character in The Matrix movies.
savvy  6/29/2005
This is one of the names of the main character (Dream) in Neil Gaiman's famous The Sandman comics.
― Anonymous User  7/6/2005
There's a file-sharing site called Morpheus. To me, this is kind of like calling your kid Limewire or Napster.
― Anonymous User  10/30/2007
This name also was used in Marvel Comics for one of the nemeses of their millionaire hero Moon Knight. Morpheus there is a supervillain who gains his power from an inability to sleep, and therefore to dream.
marauder34  11/12/2008
There's a minor villain in the Resident Evil video game series named 'Morpheus', though it hardly ruined the name for me. It flows very nicely and doesn't seem *too* over the top.
snarryvader81  8/11/2010
One of the protagonist's love interests in "Splintered" by A.G. Howard.
raevynstar  8/22/2014

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