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Morwenna Banks is a British actress and comedian.
― Anonymous User  1/23/2006
I like this name with the pronunciation "moor-WEE-nuh". I hope it's not actually "moor-WHEN-uh"!
Pheadirean  10/23/2006
My daughter Morwenna was given this name because her father is a Cornishman. An elderly gentleman in his village gave us some old Cornish names. In Cornwall the name means 'wind on the moors'.
LornaMary  11/2/2006
My middle name is Morwenna and I pronounce it "MORE-WEN-A".
charys19  11/19/2006
I quite like it, it's not well known at all and it sounds pretty.
Free_Spirited_Girly  11/26/2006
Ehh. Could be better, in my opinion. (I noticed that 5% of people rated this a boy's name. Why would you call a boy a name that means 'maiden'?)
xKatiex  12/9/2006
This name is so pretty! I really like it, though I keep accidentally pronouncing it Mor-vay-na. I know there's a name that is pronounced More-ven, so that's probably where I'm getting this from.
― Anonymous User  2/5/2008
This name is pronounced mohr-WEN-ah in Cornish.
AndrewJKD  4/5/2008
Mor is great, and wen is blessed. So why doesn't the name mean "Great blessed one"?
slainte4904  7/8/2008
This is my friend's name and I love it! She pronounces it as more-when-ah and gets really annoyed when people call her more-ween-ah (for obvious reasons!) Her nicknames are mo, moo, wen and wenna.
i-heart-me  10/31/2008
This name has a really cool Medieval feel to it. Since I love many things Medieval, the name really appeals to me. She'd definitely be the only Morwenna in her class!
Anyechka  8/24/2009
This is a great name. It beats Edwina any day of the week! lol :)
walesgal92  10/3/2009
Hearing the name Morwenna reminds me of tales of The Knights of the Round Table. It's just so magical. I love it.
erb816  5/23/2010
This name is very unique and exotic, but kind of hard to pronounce.
Hushpuppy  8/17/2011
This is a Cornish name meaning 'maid of the sea' from the Cornish words 'mor' (sea) and 'wen' (a fair woman).
― Anonymous User  7/9/2013
Morwenna is a very beautiful, magical name. There are many meanings given for it, but most seem to come from people trying to find Welsh/Cornish words it looks like. It's most likely that 'mor' means 'sea' and the rest is just unknown. It certainly doesn't mean 'maiden' in Cornish, as that is 'moren'.

I disagree with the usage, which is given only as 'Welsh'. It's very much considered a Cornish name and is often suggested amongst expectant Cornish families. In fact, there are more birth records of Morwennas in Cornwall than for the whole of Wales. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  1/24/2014
Aww, this name is so beautiful and unique- too bad it's almost unheard of to a lot of people. :(
― Anonymous User  5/27/2014
In Catherine Called Birdy by Karen Cushman, Morwenna is Catherine/Birdy's nurse.
thesnowwhiterose  12/17/2014
Morwenna and Morwenn are also used in Breton. They are composed of the words "Mor" and "Gwenn" which mean "White Sea".
Valmont  1/14/2016
Hauntingly beautiful in its Celtic charm.
Just Jonquil  3/20/2016
This name can also mean "Waves Of The Sea" according to other books and websites!
JemimaP1  5/22/2017

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