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Muhammad Ali was and still is a very famous boxer.
-- Siraskelseyo  3/20/2006
Muhammad is a famous bearer, of course! Okay, how can people hate this name? It's Muhammad we're talking about here.
-- xKatiex  12/1/2006
I agree Katie. People are just racist pigs, and why would it be wrong for someone to name their kid Muhammad if they're not Muslim? It's just a name, it's like saying if you're not Jewish or Christian you can't name your kid Elijah! I like this name.
-- Anonymous User  1/27/2007
It's more like a non-Christian naming his or her child Jesus. (Assuming we're in an English-speaking country, where the Spanish name Jesus (hey-zeus) isn't common.) To say that Muhammad was considerably more influential to Islam than Elijah was to Judaism or especially Christianity would be an incredible understatement. To name your child after the founder of a religion to which you don't subscribe, simply because you think the name sounds nice, strikes me as being quite disrespectful and ignorant.
-- Baraka  7/26/2007
I always think of Muhammad Amin al-Husayni. The cruel mufti of Jerusalem after World War I.
-- bananarama  8/24/2008
Muhammad Wilkerson is an American football player.
-- Anonymous User  1/3/2012
The personal name of al-Battani (full name Abū 'Abd Allāh Muhammad ibn Jābir ibn Sinān al-Raqqī al-Harrānī as-Sābiʾ al-Battānī, latinized as Albategnius, Albategni or Albatenius). He was an Arab astronomer, astrologer, and mathematician. He introduced a number of trigonometric relations, and his Kitāb az-Zīj was frequently quoted by many medieval astronomers, including Copernicus. He lived c. 858 – 929 and accurately determined the length of the solar year.
-- earthnut  5/30/2016
The personal name of Abu Abd Allah Muhammad al-Idrisi al-Qurtubi al-Hasani al-Sabti, latinized as Dreses (1100 - 1165 AD). He was a Muslim geographer, cartographer and Egyptologist who lived in Palermo, Sicily at the court of King Roger II.
-- earthnut  5/30/2016
The personal name of Abū Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariyyā al-Rāzī, latinized as Rhazes or Rasis (854 CE – 925 CE), was a Persian polymath, physician, alchemist, philosopher, and important figure in the history of medicine. He identified smallpox and measles, and recognized fever was part of the body's defenses. He wrote a 23-volume compendium of Chinese, Indian, Persian, Syriac and Greek medicine.
-- earthnut  5/30/2016
Personal name of Abū Nasr Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Fārābī, latinized as Alpharabius (c. 872 - 950/1). He was a renowned philosopher and jurist who wrote in the fields of political philosophy, metaphysics, ethics and logic. He was also a scientist, cosmologist, mathematician and music scholar.
-- earthnut  5/30/2016
The personal name of Khawaja Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Hasan Tūsī, better known as Nasīr al-Dīn Tūsī, or simply Tusi in the West. He lived 1201–1274 AD and was a Persian astronomer and mathematician who developed trigonometry.
-- earthnut  5/30/2016

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