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Namesakes for Muhammad
Indian Sultans and Emperors: 9 emperors, 4 sultans
      Sultan Muhammad bin Tughluq   1325-1351  
      Sultan Nasir ud-Din Muhammad Shah   1390-1394  
      Sultan Muhammad Shah   1434-1445  
      Emperor Babur (a.k.a. Muhammad)   1526-1530  
      Emperor Humayun (a.k.a. Muhammad)   1530-1540; 1555-1556  
      Sultan Muhammad Adil Shah   1554-1555  
      Emperor Akbar I the Great (a.k.a. Muhammad)   1556-1605  
      Emperor Jahangir (a.k.a. Muhammad)   1605-1627  
      Emperor Aurangzeb (a.k.a. Muhammad)   1658-1707  
      Emperor Muhammad Azam Shah   1707  
      Emperor Bahadur Shah I (a.k.a. Muhammad)   1707-1712  
      Emperor Farrukhsiyar (a.k.a. Muhammad)   1713-1719  
      Emperor Muhammad Shah   1719-1748  
Islamic Caliphs: 8 caliphs
      Caliph Muhammad al-Mahdi   775-785   Abbasid  
      Caliph Muhammad al-Amin   809-813   Abbasid  
      Caliph Muhammad al-Qahir   932-934   Abbasid  
      Caliph Muhammad ar-Radi   934-940   Abbasid  
      Caliph Mehmed III (a.k.a. Muhammad)   1595-1603   Ottoman  
      Caliph Mehmed IV (a.k.a. Muhammad)   1648-1687   Ottoman  
      Caliph Mehmed V (a.k.a. Muhammad)   1909-1918   Ottoman  
      Caliph Mehmed VI Vahideddin (a.k.a. Muhammad)   1918-1922   Ottoman  
Nobel Prize Winners: 1 peace
      (peace) Muhammad Yunus   2006  
Notable Athletes: 1 boxing
      (boxing) Muhammad Ali   1942-  
Notable Explorers and Adventurers: 1 explorer
      Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Battuta   1304-1369  
Notable Military Figures: 1 commander
      Muhammad   570-632  
Notable Philosophers and Thinkers: 4 philosophers, 1 geographer, 1 mathematician, 1 theologian
      Muhammad   570-632  
      Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi   c. 780-850  
      Muhammad al-Razi   865-925  
      Abu Nasr Muhammad al-Farabi   c. 872-c. 950  
      Abu Hamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Ghazali   1058-1111  
      Muhammad al-Idrisi   1099-c. 1165  
      Abu'l-Walid Muhammad ibn Rushd   1126-1198  
Notable Writers: 1 poet
      Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi   1207-1273  
Ottoman Sultans: 6 sultans
      Sultan Mehmed I (a.k.a. Muhammad)   1413-1421  
      Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror (a.k.a. Muhammad)   1444-1445; 1451-1481  
      Sultan Mehmed III (a.k.a. Muhammad)   1595-1603  
      Sultan Mehmed IV (a.k.a. Muhammad)   1648-1687  
      Sultan Mehmed V (a.k.a. Muhammad)   1909-1918  
      Sultan Mehmed VI Vahideddin (a.k.a. Muhammad)   1918-1922