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This name is the most beautiful name I have heard of!
― Anonymous User  3/24/2005
I don't think anyone will be using this name again aftar the English 'Big Brother' of 2004.
GIUSEPPINA  6/3/2005
The name of my gymnastics heroine, Nadia Elena Comaneci. Her mother picked the name out after seeing a movie whose heroine was named Nadezhda.
delaney04  6/16/2005
My sister's name is Nadia! It is related to pure water, its meaning in Arabic.
― Anonymous User  7/1/2005
Nadia is the title of the 2nd book of the Heirs of Anton series by Susan K. Downs and Susan May Warren.
― Anonymous User  9/19/2005
I like name Nadia, athough every Nadia I ever met was spoilt. Name is still beautiful though.
Anjamon  9/24/2005
This is a lovely name. I know someone who is called Nadia and is a twin but she is an identical twin so her twin isn't called Aidan. :)
ezy_lou  12/10/2005
Beautiful, dainty and exotic, Nadia is a great name.
tmarie  12/16/2005
The main female character of Isabel Allende's triology "The Memories of the Jaguar and the Eagle" is called Nadia Santos.
angelsariel  12/31/2005
This is a somewhat common name in Portugal, but it is usually spelled NÁDIA.
angelsariel  12/31/2005
I pronounce it "NAH-di-ah" or "NAH-dyah". This is a pretty name, although I was introduced to it in a grim way; the legendary French singer, Edith Piaf, as a young woman in the Paris underworld, was acquainted with a gentle, naive girl named Nadia who was forced by her "lover" to become a prostitute and not long after drowned herself in the Seine. I still associate this name with the pretty, fair-haired, tragic ingenue that Piaf befriended.
gaelruadh19  4/5/2006
"Nadiya" is a name almost the same as "Nadya" and "Nadia".
iva_toneva  4/22/2006
What a gorgeous name. It will be my first daughter's middle name. She will be Anastasia Nadia N. Her initials will spell Ann, which is my grandmother's middle name. I wanted to honour her without actually using the name Ann, as I think it's very boring.
Mommy2B  5/23/2006
A very sweet name. Nadia Comaneci (Olympic gymnast) and Nadia Petrova (Tennis player) are famous bearers.
― Anonymous User  6/11/2006
I think this is an awesome name.
amber monkey  7/31/2006
The only Nadia I know gets called Naughty Nadia.
― Anonymous User  9/14/2006
Nadia is a lovely name on its own, but the double name Nadia Rose also sounds lovely. But then, almost anything with Rose sounds nice - Julianne Rose, Martina Rose, Eleanor Rose...
aqualime  10/11/2006
I like this a lot! When I first saw it, I thought it was pronounced Nuh-dee-ya, so that's how I prefer to pronounce it. It sounds weird to me when people say it another way.
xKatiex  10/25/2006
This name sounds like nada, (NAH-DAH) which means ZERO OR NOTHING. There is a story I've read called Nadia the Willful and Nadia is the main character. This name is pretty, I think.
Taydbug112  11/9/2006
I know a sweet, beautiful 1 year old named Nadia, so this name is linked with cuteness in my opinion. ;)
BelCanto142  1/22/2007
In the series "Alias", Nadia Santos is the name of the main character's sister.
AliceInWonderland  1/30/2007
It is a beautiful name! It means hope. I think it is a great alternative to using 'Hope'.
― Anonymous User  3/15/2007
This name is so pretty! What more can I say?
Georgia_kh  4/13/2007
I really really like this name, it just sounds so sweet and lovely!
joanie2007  8/17/2007
Does no one remember the foreign exchange student, Nadia, from the American Pie movies? It is an unfortunate association for such a pretty name.
KrisMichelle  10/12/2007
I like this name, especially the meaning. But I think it would better suit a non-white girl or a girl with an accent, because it feels exotic.
yuan  10/13/2007
This is a very beautiful name, and I would consider it for a girl if I ever have one. I also think Nastia is a pretty name, too. I love the way it's pronounced, very soft, delicate and sophisticated.
_0TophasNails_1  11/18/2008
I think Nadia is a pretty name in itself, I just don't like how it sounds like "nausea".
Meadow  5/5/2009
I've lived with this name my whole life. So if you want an inside view of what it's like, it's been wonderful ;). I was never made fun of in grade school, never given a nickname, never ridiculed. I'm proud of my name and proud to share it.
Nadia17  5/14/2009
I have lived with this name for 16 years and never have been teased about it (except I get called Velma), so yeah, it's an awesome name.
high_chronicles  11/14/2009
Nadia Boulanger, French composer and teacher who taught so many great 20th Century composers.
Anton  3/12/2010
Nadie may be a variation of this name.
missmarlenesinclair  5/7/2010
Ugly ugly. Don't like it.
― Anonymous User  10/20/2010
This is a very pretty name, but it's a bit harsh and I wouldn't name my child Nadia, but I'd be delighted to meet a little Nadia.
DaphneSusan  10/27/2010
I like the name Nadia. It sounds so foreign and exotic.
Hushpuppy  11/26/2010
Very pretty.
Chrila96  12/10/2010
I love the name Nadia. I used it for a story before, but my sister kept saying Narnia. She can't get over how much they sound alike... but I still like it.
Book_Reader22  3/29/2011
A very pretty name. It is short and simple, but beautiful. It sounds sort of foreign to me, but that's just my opinion.
Tabbi  12/15/2011
Nadia Björlin (born 1980 in Newport, Rhode Island) is an American actress.
― Anonymous User  6/9/2012
The Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci is famous because at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, when she was 14 years old, she became the first female Olympian to score a perfect 10. Nadia won three gold medals that summer, and her picture was on the cover of Time Magazine on the 2nd August 1976. Her fame gave the name Nadia a boost in popularity in the USA - in 1975 there were 84 babies born named Nadia, but in 1976 the number had shot up to 585, making it #360 on the chart. According to the SSA’s baby name list there were also 9 babies born in 1976 named Nadia's surname, Comaneci.
― Anonymous User  7/10/2012
Very pretty name. I love how it's unique and uncommon while not crossing the line of being trashy or distasteful. Nadia just rolls off the tongue quite nicely and is phonetically appealing.
pocahontas  3/27/2014
Name of Nadia Petrova daughter of Katherine Pierce (Katerina Petrova) on the Vampire diaries.
MeAmoRusia  10/31/2014
My name is Nadia. I've never really liked my name because no one ever had the name Nadia, but the comments on here really boosted my self esteem thanks.
nadia1401  4/8/2015
Spelt backwards it's Aidan, and Diana is in there too.
― Anonymous User  5/8/2016
I absolutely love the name Nadia. It's so simple yet elegant, it's easy to pronounce and it is not too common here in the UK. My best friend's name is Nadia and it suits her really well.
― Anonymous User  8/25/2016
Nadia Comăneci is a Romanian former gymnast who, at the age of 14, became the first gymnast in Olympic history to be awarded the perfect score of 10.0 at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. She would eventually go on to receive six more perfect 10s in Montreal as well as three gold medals. Four years later, she won two gold medals at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. She won a total of nine Olympic medals and four World Championship medals during her career. Comăneci is one of the best-known gymnasts in the world and is credited with popularizing the sport around the world. In 2000, she was named as one of the Athletes of the 20th Century by the Laureus World Sports Academy. She has lived in the United States since 1989 and is married to American Olympic gold medalist Bart Conner.
lilolaf  1/30/2017
I am having a girl and I want a unique name for her and Nadia is the most beautiful name ever. It has an incredible and fascinating history behind it. I love it.
lyllianalc2004  3/20/2018
A lovely name with a lovely meaning:)
Kitandkat  4/4/2018

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