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(Already partially covered in name info) Nala (Sanskrit: नल) is a character in Hindu mythology. He was the husband of Damayanti and their story is told in the Mahabharata. Nala was known for his skill with horses and culinary expertise. His main weakness was gambling. He was possessed by the demon Kali.

Another famous but most likely completely unrelated to the former bearer is Simba's best friend (and future wife) from "The Lion King," which is significant given it holds the top spot for highest theater average gross in history. (
Irish Pearl  2/24/2007
Nala is a female lion in the Lion King. She and Simba end up having a child together, Kiara.
bobcat_explorer  6/17/2007
Nala is the name of Simba's wife, but when the creators chose it, they intended it to be a made-up name that didn't mean anything. It just sounded pretty. The Sanskrit name is completely unrelated.
Atarah Derek  8/17/2007
It's so cool. It's small and you can't abreviate it, which I like. It's just such a pretty name but I like it for a girl not a boy.
Hehehe  11/19/2007
The only time I ever heard of this name was from Simba's friend Nala from Lion King. When I hear or see it; I associate it with the lion cub. I wouldn't say it's pretty, it's interesting and unique. Though I couldn't name a kid this. Nothing against it; again I associate it with a lion.
_0TophasNails_1  10/20/2008
This is Alan backwards.
Hushpuppy  2/12/2009
I know an Egyptian woman named Nah'la. I don't know what it means or if it's a feminine version of this but I thought I'd share it anyway since it is kind of similar to Nala.
Arieanne  4/4/2009
Halle Berry's daughter is named Nala. I think it's a very cute name, but I'd always associate the name with the lion king and I like a name to stand on it's own.
haileyrose  4/23/2011
With complete disregard to the name's origins, 237 people named their daughters Nala in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/16/2013
Nala was a main character in The Lion King Movies, best friend to Simba and later his pride mate.
― Anonymous User  10/15/2013
I love the name Nala and I plan on using it for my unborn child if it's a girl. I don't think of the "Lion King" when I hear this name, I think of a strong independent woman.
I love strange names  7/15/2015
Nala means "us" in Somali.
Ambiversion  8/11/2015
The name Nala was given to 361 girls born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2017

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