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Nana is the name of the dog in "Peter Pan." It isn't the Japanese name however; it came from "Nanny" because that was the dog's occupation.
-- breakofday  12/16/2005
I'd have to check on the reference to this name meaning "apple" because I didn't know the kanji for apple could be pronounced that way.

For "na", one can use the first character in Nara (which has a meaning that has something to do with a plant) or a kanji meaning name. For the second kanji, one can either choose one of these 2 kanji or a kanji that basically takes on the reading of the kanji before it (kind of like a ditto).

You can add an "e" (ay) and make the name Nanae.
-- abbasdaughter  12/27/2005
Nana is the name of two leading female's in the widely-renowned comic by Ai Yaizawa. It can also mean Seven.
-- Anonymous User  1/7/2006
It means "greens" in Japanese, not apple.
-- frozen_frogurt  4/28/2006
Nana is also the number "7" in Japanese.
-- mackrelsophist  10/16/2006
Nana is the alternate personality of Yaya in the manga Othello by Satomi Ikezawa.
-- SerasVictoria  11/4/2006
Nana does not mean apple in Japanese, 'Ringo' does. Nana means seven.
-- zambizii  11/15/2006
Nana is a character on the anime Elfen Lied. She's also known as Number 7, and 7 is 'Nana' in Japanese.
-- Umihana  1/21/2007
One of The Ice Climbers is Nana.
-- 7up  2/4/2007
Nana Mizuki is a Japanese voice actress and also a singer.
-- Yume Hanabi  2/19/2007
Nana does NOT mean green. Midori means green. Nana, as most have said, means seven.
-- Anonymous User  5/7/2007
I'm suprised Nana Kitada hasn't been mentioned. She's a fairly well known singer in Japan, and is a Gothic Lolita fashion icon.
-- Suzu  12/18/2007
I believe person above me is referring to Nana Kitade, not Kitada.
-- missmarlenesinclair  5/7/2010
The word "Nana" in Japanese means "seven" when written with hiragana. It can be spelled using different characters, a whole variety of them meaning many things, but it first and foremost means "seven". It is also a rather popular girls first name or a nickname for girls with names like Nanako or Nanase.
-- Vivaldi  12/22/2012
One might use this as a nickname for someone called Nayab.
-- Anonymous User  6/5/2014
Nana is my grandmother's name.
-- Anonymous User  12/27/2015

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