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My sister has this name although she spells it Naoimh which has the same meaning.
-- seanh  8/27/2006
A very pretty name with a nice meaning.
-- Anonymous User  10/10/2006
Naomh also means saint. So Saint Patrick would in Irish be Naomh Padraig.
-- someone006  10/21/2006
This is my younger sister's name although my parents almost named her Niamh (same pronunciation) which means "bright" they chose Naomh instead because she was born on Sunday!
-- Anonymous User  6/16/2007
Neev? It's Nahv or Nayv!
-- Celeno  3/21/2008
I think it just gives me a feeling of someone who's really wise.
-- Florie  5/7/2008
Even though I like Niamh better, Naomh is nice, too. I think it would be pronounced differently, though, more like Nee-Av, something different then Niamh.
-- Dragon_Clarinet  7/16/2008
-- LMS  5/16/2016

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