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One of the main characters of the Bartimaeus trilogy by Jonathon Stroud is Nathaniel.
Wordsmith14  11/19/2005
Fancy lad Nathanial Mayweather is the character played by Chris Elliott in the film Cabin Boy.
― Anonymous User  12/29/2005
Apart from Hawthorne, there's another American writer with this name: Nathaniel West, the author of "The Day of the Locust" and "Miss Lonelyhearts".
lady murasaki  9/9/2007
Football player Joe Montana and Jennifer Wallace have a son Nathaniel Montana (born 3 October 1989).
Emilie007  11/17/2008
Nathaniel is Celeste's father in the PC game "Keepsake".
winterglow  1/7/2009
A main character of Elizabeth Speare's 1958 award-winning young adult novel _The Witch of Blackbird Pond_ is Nathaniel "Nat" Eaton. Millions of grade school girls have fallen in love with him along with Kit Tyler, the spunky heroine.
faye  1/24/2009
Nathaniel Archibald is a main character in the television series 'Gossip Girl'.
RazzleDazzle  5/7/2009
On the HBO show Six Feet Under, the main character's name is Nathaniel Fisher jr., named after his late father, Nathaniel sr. Everyone calls Nathaniel jr. Nate. I really like the nickname Nate, but I really dislike Nathan!
― Anonymous User  7/19/2009
Sir Nathaniel Bacon (1585-1627) was the first English amateur painter of note.
― Anonymous User  9/2/2011
Nathaniel Hawthorne (born 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts) was an iconic American novelist.
― Anonymous User  5/31/2012
English actor Nathaniel Parker (b. 1962) is a famous bearer of this name.
roseandheather  12/17/2012
Nathaniel Marvin "Nat" Wolff is an American actor and singer-songwriter.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2015
Nathaniel Joseph "Nate" Ruess is an American singer. He has been the frontman of two bands, The Format and Fun., and he recently released a solo album. I'm a big fan of his music!
Acajou  8/8/2015
Nathaniel Parker is an English stage and screen actor best known for playing Detective Inspector Thomas "Tommy" Lynley in the BBC crime drama series The Inspector Lynley Mysteries. Parker is a voice over artist and has done work on audio books, including Eoin Colfer's children's Artemis Fowl series, the first three books in Charlie Higson's Young James Bond series, and The Gardens of The Dead by William Brodrick. He read Mark Haddon's novel A Spot of Bother for BBC Radio Four's Book at Bedtime and played Axel in Jules Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth, first broadcast on BBC Radio Four Extra on 20 November 2011 and again on 12 November 2012. He has also done voice over work on numerous video games and made many radio appearances as an interviewee and in radio dramas. A complete listing of Parker's extensive audio work can be found online.
cutenose  2/13/2017

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