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Natsuko Yamamoto is a Japanese actress.
lilolaf  4/18/2017
Natsuko Hara is a Japanese football midfielder, currently playing for NTV Beleza in the L. League. She was named at the age of 16, Asian Footballer of the Year and was included into the 2008 U-20 World Cup's all star team. In 2010 she played her first matches for the senior Japanese national team.
lilolaf  4/18/2017
My niece who is named Natsuko often gets called Tsuki as a nickname.
Niji_Usagi  1/7/2010
Natsuko "Nancy" Takaishi was T. K. Takaishi's mother in digimon.
6diablesse6  4/27/2007
Commonly nicknamed "Nat-chan" (my friend Summer got called that by a few people when she lived in Japan).

Other kanji possibilities:
-kind of plant

-by the sea

Note: some other variations are Natsuki, Natsumi and Natsuyo (I don't think Natsuyo is very common, but the others are a little bit).

It's not uncommon to drop the "u" sound when pronouncing Natsuko or Natsuki, but it tends to be pronounced for Natsumi or Natsuyo.
abbasdaughter  12/27/2005

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