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Nayden Todorov is a Bulgarian conductor.
― Anonymous User  10/1/2014
The name is Bulgarian and literally means "found". It was given to a child of a family that had already lost a few children at birth or in their youth, to cheat death, saying that the children is found, it's actually not from the mother that had already lost children; it was believed that this would keep the child safe.

Female versions are Naydenka, Naydena. The name is losing popularity in Bulgaria nowadays.
Borisslav  2/16/2011
N ai d ee n

Doesn't sound like the name Aden at all. NY-den, Ny like 'nightly', den like 'then'.
monmon  12/7/2010
To me it looks like another dumb -aden name. Maybe when names like Caden and Brayden are tired out, people will use this.
bananarama  4/5/2010

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