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It's pronounced "Nyasa".
IrishGirl  2/6/2007
Actually I believe it's pronounced Nessa.
1crzychick  4/1/2007
Actually, you're both wrong. It's pronounced like Nass-ah. As in NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
Lizdebiz  9/9/2007
I'm going to say that IrishGirl, who is from Ireland, and the site, would list the correct meanings. If you're actually looking for the correct way to pronounce the name, go with those who have the actual credentials.
― Anonymous User  9/17/2007
Actually it can be pronounced like any of those three. I am from Ireland too and know two girls with this name. One of them pronounces it NASA and the other Nessa.
Cooloness  10/12/2008
Hi, my name is Neasa and I would like to say that it means "not gentle" (rough). It is an Irish name and the name comes from Ness or Neas, then becoming Nessa who was the princess of the Ulaid and mother of Connor Mac Nessa. Originally called Assa ("easy, gentle"), because she was such a pleasure to foster. Cathbad, who was a leader of a band of the Fianna (landless warriors) as well as a druid, attacks her foster-fathers' house, killing them all. Because the culprit cannot be identified, Eochaid (Nessa's husband) is powerless to do anything about it, so Nessa forms her own band of 27 fianna to track him down, and becomes known as Ní-assa ("not easy, not gentle"), or Ness.
neasa  12/13/2009
And it's pronounced Nassa or NASA (like the space station). Nessa is pronounced like Nessa, but Neasa isn't.
neasa  12/13/2009
The mother of the high king of Ulster - Conchubhair Mac Neasa.
neasabheilbigh  9/21/2010
Neasa is never pronounced NES-a. Nessa is pronounced NES-a.
Neasa is an old Irish name and the "ea" make a "yeah" sound. So really it be pronounced Nya-sa.
I'm sorry for this sounding like a bit of a rant but I HATE the name Nessa and love my own name Neasa!
neasabheilbigh  9/21/2010
I'd have to agree with Neasabheilbigh and IrishGirl on this. I'm not Irish and though I'm learning Irish I'm still a beginner, but I have spent many years learning linguistics.

A basic linguistic summary: In Irish every consonant is either broad (velarized with a labial offglide, which means it has a "w" sound after it) or slender (palatalized with a palatal offglide, which means it has a "y" sound after it). I'm pretty sure the "N" in Neasa is slender, which means it does in fact have a "Y" sound after it.

So in other words it should be something like [ˈnjɑ.sɑ] in IPA (international phonetic alphabet) or [NYAH-sah] as an English approximation. Pronouncing it like Nessa [ˈnɛs.ə] / [NEHS-uh] would be incorrect. [noted -ed]

Irish speakers are welcome to correct me if I've made any mistakes here =)
SakiHeart  12/15/2014
In Gaelige, 'EA' is pronounced as a hard 'A' as in the name Eammon. The proper way to pronounce Neassa would be N-aye-sa. However, the owner of the name may pronounce it as they wish. After all, it is a privilege of having the name. :)
bratkelly  7/13/2015
LMS  5/16/2016

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