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I love the name Nefertari. It sounds close to the name Nefertiti, which gives it an exotic appeal, but at the same time it seems calmer. Nefertari is a good name but I'm not sure if it would make a good first name.
legna88  8/18/2006
Lots of bullying material.
― Anonymous User  3/12/2008
Unlike a lot of other "long" names, I don't think Nefertari has an "elitist" quality at all. Okay, maybe a little. But it has a really pretty sound. And I don't think it has *nearly* as much bullying material as Nefertiti.
erb816  6/2/2009
The only Nefertari I've ever heard of (besides the one in the name's entry) is Nefertari Maharassa, a fictional character in the webcomic Friendly Hostility.
DestructoGirl  6/27/2009
This is the name of the past life of Evelyn O'Connell played by Rachel Weisz in The Mummy films.
littlescarlett  5/12/2011
Got to know more of the real Queen Nefertari watching the Brazilian biblical series inspired and based on the Exodus "Os Dez Mandamentos" played by actress Camilla Rodrigues. In this take, there's a love triangle drama of sorts between Nefertari, Ramses, and Moises. I personally love the name (inspired my username) and I don't think it's too much a bullying material name. I find it super adorable and a little girl would be lucky to bear it.
QueenNeferTamy  3/30/2017

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