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As a Nelda, I have researched my name numerous times and found it is also a short name for Elenore. I was named after a Puerto Rican woman that was my mother's neighbor in Texas. It also has the form of being Nilda in Spanish and Latin American usage. To me it has always been the name of an old woman and as I age, I find this to be true and tend to hear it more and more lately, even on commercials. Growing up with this name was no picnic and I must admit, I find Zelda a better and more suited name than Nelda. Just my opinion.
MedSchoolGrad  2/14/2016
Nelda is a very old Teutonic name meaning: Under the Elder Tree. The way I understood it to mean was that the elders of a village would gather under a tree - probably to seek shade in the heat of the day - and people would come to ask questions and thereby learn things. My mother's name is Nelda. She took it to mean teacher in a round-a-bout way. I wish I could remember the reference but we looked it up in a book somewhere. I've had a hard time finding the name since.
Vani Joy  6/6/2012
It could be a short form of Thusnelda (a Germanic name).
― Anonymous User  10/26/2009
I think of this name as being softer & gentler than Zelda, but just as cool. Maybe it's because I'm reminded of words like "nestle" and "nest" that I find it sweeter. It's got an antique, old lady charm, sophisticated yet quirky. Lovvve it!
SeaHorse15  4/1/2009
Nelda means from the alder tree. The alder tree is found mostly in England, Scotland and Ireland. It produces seeds that fall into rivers and streams by the trees and have thus planted themselves for centuries along the rivers and streams in these contries. They are known to be very long living trees and those with the name of Nelda, are known to be very wise as a result of the trees being very wise.
neldajwaddle  9/14/2006

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