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Neptune is the main character of the Neptunia video game franchise. Her nicknames are Nep Nep and Neppy. She is the goddess (CPU) of Planeptune. She is known for her immature personality and love of pudding. Her HDD transformation is the complete opposite, making her much more serious.
UltimateTheZekrom  2/22/2017
Neptune is a character in The Keepers series by Ted Sanders. Her Tan'ji is a tourmaline and lets her temporarily defy gravity.
Peregrin Took  1/23/2017
"I am forever searching high and low, but why does everybody tell me 'no,' Neptune of the seas, and answer for me please, but the Lily of the valley doesn't know."

This name was used in Queen's song Lily of the Valley. I think it is more of a feminine name than a masculine one, though.
lillyanna  2/10/2010

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