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In the upcoming PS3 game Devil May Cry 4, Nero is one of the new main characters as well as the first playable character.
Dark Whysper  5/20/2007
Wrestler Jeffery Nero Hardy--he's a legend.
Emmasj  7/10/2007
Nero Wolfe - famous dectective created by Rex Stout. Several television series and a few movies have been made from the name.
― Anonymous User  4/30/2008
The most famous bearer of this name would definitely be Nero, the Roman emperor. I don't know why anybody would ever use this name, considering how he burned the entire city of Rome down.
aileenbean  7/3/2008
Nero the Sable is an antagonist in the video game Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus. He leads the Tsviets while his brother Weiss is incapacitated.
PhantomWolf64  3/1/2012
Famous Bearer that I just thought of is Saber Nero from the Fate Extra video game.
miyamosuiren  4/21/2016

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