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Means black in Italian.
― Anonymous User  7/26/2006
Nero was the name of a Roman ruler. He was a tad insane though.
JellyBee  6/6/2008
The Italian pronunciation:


"E" in "Ne" is spoken as "Neyhr," or otherwise "Aye" with the "N" bonus. Roll your "R." "O" is as usual, "Oh." [noted -ed]
Francesca  3/6/2011
Before using this on a kid, remember that this name has NOTHING to do with the Ancient Roman emperor. The emperor Nero's name is written as Nerone in Italian. But no one in Italy would name their kid Nerone - it has highly negative connotations. But seeing that this Nero is short for Raniero, it's fine as a name.
bananarama  4/14/2012
This name reminds me of Cafe Nero, so coffee instantly comes to mind (even though I don't drink it).
Hushpuppy  11/28/2017

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