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I really like this name. It sounds very special, dreamful and easygoing. The name of my neightbour is NEVIO Riccardo.
karin1  6/1/2006
Italian Pronunciation:


"Ne-" is an equivalent to "Nay," basically. The final half ("-Vio"), in all technicality, creates "Vee-Oh"-- but is meshed into "VYOH" when spoken. [noted -ed]
Francesca  1/20/2012
Quintus Naevius Cordus Sutorius Macro (21 BC – 38 AD) was a prefect of the Praetorian Guard, from 31 until 38, serving under the Roman Emperors Tiberius and Caligula.

Nevio Scala (born 22 November 1947) is an Italian football sporting director, coach and former player, who currently serves as the president of Italian club Parma.
Aledis  8/8/2016

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