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Pronounced: Nik-o-LIE.
Tbird  8/4/2005
Nicholas is a good solid name, but Nicolae Jetty Carpathia is the name of the AntiChrist in Tim LaHaye's Left Behind series.
Elvenscholar  11/15/2006
Nicolae Bălcescu (1819 - 1852) was a Romanian Wallachian soldier, historian, journalist, and leader of the 1848 Wallachian Revolution.
― Anonymous User  6/1/2007
Nicolae Paulescu was the Romanian biologist who discovered insulin.
― Anonymous User  7/1/2007
Nicolae Ceausescu was the Communist leader of Romania during the Soviet takeover in Eastern Europe during the Cold War. He was brought to trial and executed for crimes against humanity.
JuliaF  10/13/2007
I can't look at the name and think it's anything but charming.
nouvellehelene  1/4/2008
This would be such a beautiful name, were it not for Nicolae Ceausescu!
Caprice  4/22/2010
I can't help but think of Ceauşescu when I hear this name, but that may be because I don't live in Romania and don't know how common Nicolae is there.
bathos  12/11/2010
Prince Nicolae of Romania was the second son of King Ferdinand and Queen Marie of Romania.
Missy  3/22/2015

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