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On the television show "Crossing Jordan", Nigel is the friend and fellow medical examiner of main character Jordan Cavanaugh.
sparrow90  5/12/2005
Nigel Barker is a fashion photographer, probably best known as one of the judges on the reality television show America's Next Top Model.
― Anonymous User  1/23/2006
Nigel Tranter was a Scottish historian and writer - sometimes called 'Scotland's Storyteller'. I don't like it much though.
alimorag  4/12/2006
Nigel Godrich is a famed record producer.
viper  5/28/2006
A famous bearer is Nigel Mansell, former F1 racing driver.
Nirvanna  7/6/2006
Two famous bearers:
Nigel Uno, #1 on "Codename Kids Next Door"
Nigel Tufnul from "Spinal Tap"
Hailey2006  7/25/2006
Nigel is the name of the Koala on the movie "The Wild".
― Anonymous User  10/10/2006
There is an author named Nigel Robinson.
― Anonymous User  11/28/2006
"Hello, I'm Nigel Thornberry..."

Wild Thornberries, Nickelodeon cartoon about a family that worked on a nature show. Nigel was the father and host of the show, and spoke in a very nasally voice, which is all I can think of when I hear this name.
Irish Pearl  12/22/2006
Nigel Glockler of Saxon.
Midgard666  11/10/2007
Nigel Wick was Drew's eccentric boss on "The Drew Carey Show", played by Craig Ferguson.
FMRadio  4/4/2008
Nigel is the name of the pelican in Finding Nemo!
Strangak  5/23/2013
On the hit PBS cartoon Arthur, Nigel is the first name of the title character's teacher, Mr. Ratburn.
Ruta Graveolens  2/20/2014
Nigel Farage is a British politician.
― Anonymous User  6/22/2014
Nigel Short (born 1965) is a famous English chess Grandmaster.
angolmois  6/23/2016

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