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I like this better than Naomi, because it is far less common.
lillyanna  12/19/2009
Beautiful name! Seems strong and regal.
kookiemonster71  1/5/2010
A character from The Matrix, captain and pilot of the Logos. She was played by Jada Pinkett Smith.
― Anonymous User  2/8/2010
Pronounced as "nee-o-bee" (shortly).
MaggieSimpson  8/26/2010
In England it is pronounced Ny-OH-bee (rhymes with My-oh-bee). Beautiful name!
hearnoevil8  6/14/2011
Although tragic, the legend of Niobe is one of my favourites. It is narrated by Ovid on his Metamorphoses, book VI, I guess.

Also a pretty nice opera by Agostino Steffani, with gorgeous arias like 'Sfere amiche'. You folks really should listen to it.
Philidel  4/4/2014

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