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Nita is a nice name for an easygoing person. Sometimes it is short for Juanita.
melinda1  1/17/2007
Nita is the main character of Diane Duane's Young Wizards books.
LilaMayaNeve  9/22/2007
A silly minimalist name that would lead to all sorts of ''need a'' jokes in America.
slight night shiver  5/1/2008
Even though it's pronounced Neeta, it reminds me of nitrates. Or someone nagging that "neatness counts." BTW, slightnightshiver is mixed up about the USA. He equates the entire nation with its lower social classes. But ALL nations have a lower social class, and they usually do not seem as fashionable as the more educated classes. He would be amazed to discover that there are many educated people in the USA.
― Anonymous User  7/11/2016
Nita Naldi (1897-1961) was one of the most successful silent film actresses of the "Roaring Twenties". She appeared in Cecil B. DeMille's epic film "The Ten Commandments" (1923). In her case, Nita was short for Anita.
― Anonymous User  8/27/2008

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