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It's pronounced no-ay-LA-nee.
Jenna R  11/23/2005
Actually, Noelani is pronounced no-eh-LAH-nee.
JuliaF  6/18/2006
What a beautiful name! And it has a nice meaning.
swisssugar  5/21/2006
Pretty name and absolutely beautiful meaning.
Jasmine  2/24/2007
How pretty and such a nice meaning. I love this.
Brianna Angela  7/8/2007
I have a sweet little girl that has the name of Noelanni (one extra N) and her name means "beautiful gift from heaven".
Momotito  11/14/2008
OK, I doubt that this is quite "famous"... but our local news anchor's name is Nohelani (pronounced no-AY-LAHN-ee). I believe that this is simply a spelling variation of Noelani.
― Anonymous User  1/18/2011
The name is pronounced No-Lah-Nie, I would know that because it's my name.
― Anonymous User  11/30/2011
Noelani can be pronounced many ways. My mom named me it and pronouces it No_ah__lan_he.
But I have heard it as No_lan_he and No_A_lan_he.
no_ah_lan_he  9/18/2016
Proper Hawaiian pronunciation of this name is "no eh lah knee". [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  7/10/2017
Noelani means versatile, kind, and young.
― Anonymous User  5/1/2018
So lovely! I can only see beauty from the name Noelani, and have never met a Noelani but it is absolutely gorgeous.
XironDarkstar  5/15/2018

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