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Noriko is the main female character in the manga/novel/movie Battle Royale.
-- teenrobo3  2/7/2008
Noriko Ashida is the name of a young mutant who first appeared in Marvel Comics "New X-Men: Academy X" series. Her codename was "Surge" and she was capable of electrical manipulation. Noriko was a prominent member of the team until the title's cancellation. She has appeared in other X-Related since then.
-- commonlyuncommon  3/13/2011
Noriko is a character in the anime Gravitation. She is the only female member of the band Nittle Grasper.
-- Buneary  11/4/2012
Such a good serious name :)
-- sagar  10/22/2013
Sounds like a Gangster or Mafia or Yakuza name.
-- Raya_Moon  5/13/2016
Noriko Watanabe is a Japanese actress. She won the award for best supporting actress at the 8th Yokohama Film Festival for His Motorbike, Her Island.
-- cutenose  2/13/2017
Noriko Awaya was a Japanese female soprano chanson and popular music (ryūkōka) singer. She was dubbed the "Queen of Blues" in Japan.
-- lilolaf  2/17/2017
Noriko Aspir (née Kimura) is from Desiderata Valley, the neighborhood shipped with The Sims 2: FreeTime is a bearer of this name.
-- lilolaf  3/2/2017

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