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'Nousha' (or Nusha, or Nyusja - Нюша, Нюся) in Russian is also a pet form of 'Nura' (Нюра), which is a shortening for 'Anna'. If you can create the corresponding article, it would be really nice.
Arseni  4/1/2006
Hi my mother named me Nousha, I was born in 1977. My mother got the name from a singer named Noosha and her band's name was Fox. I have grown to like it.
― Anonymous User  3/19/2007
Nousha (Noosha, Nusha, Newsha) means good listener or one who listens, not the definition listed above.
caesarswife  6/29/2007
It sounds like it could be related to the Armenian name Anoush. (Iran and Armenia are close.)
erb816  1/6/2009

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