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I think if you pronounce it the way it looks, it sounds a bit like "Oliver". I think it sounds a lot better than "Olaf", though, so I like it!
rain-angel03  1/25/2007
One famous bearer is Icelandic handball player Ólafur Stefánsson, born 3. July 1973, Reykjavik.
Emilie007  6/26/2008
Ólafur Arnalds (1986-) is an Icelandic musician.
― Anonymous User  10/4/2012
This name is one of the best Icelandic names there is! Why? Because I love Olaf and this name is the Icelandic form of the name Olaf!
lilolaf  12/14/2015
I think this name is better without the UR part.
cutenose  3/7/2016
Ólafur Jóhannesson was the fifteenth Prime Minister of Iceland for the Progressive Party on two occasions. He was a member of the Progressive Party, serving as party chairman during the 1970s.
cutenose  12/13/2016
Ólafur Ingi Skúlason is an Icelandic footballer and a midfielder who plays for Karabükspor.
cutenose  12/15/2016
Ólafur Páll Snorrason is an Icelandic international footballer who plays club football for Fjölnir, as a striker.
lilolaf  2/7/2017
Ólafur Egilsson was an Icelandic Lutheran minister. In 1627, he was abducted, along with his wife and two sons, by Barbary Pirates under the Ottoman Empire during their raid on Vestmannaeyjar. The raid is known in Icelandic history as Tyrkjaránið (The Turkish abductions). He returned to Vestmannaeyjar in 1628 but his wife Ásta Þorsteinsdóttir did not return until 1637 and his sons never returned. He later wrote a memoir of his abduction and return, which was published both in Iceland and in Denmark.
lilolaf  2/7/2017

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