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This name is a really pretty name.
Charlie3  11/2/2005
I think this name is a little too unique to give to your child. It is kind of embarrassing to have a word as a name.
FairyGirl  7/28/2006
I personally like the name Ocean, but not its original English pronunciation. I would rather go with O-kian, or better yet, Akiana. Simply pulchritudinous (pretty)!
Starla-Marie_1993  8/1/2006
Beautiful name, beautiful imagery.
Nobody  9/28/2006
I like this name a lot, but I wouldn't like this name for myself.
― Anonymous User  11/24/2006
I know a kid named Seas. Maybe they'll start naming kids Lake or Bay. Why not?
― Anonymous User  12/18/2006
I have a niece with this name. At first we thought it was a little odd, but still much better than my brother's first choice for her name. And now that she's older it fits her beautifully. With a good middle name, it's great.
Annabeau  2/15/2007
I love this name for a boy. It sounds very imaginative and playful!
elysa  3/14/2007
A good middle name. :)
― Anonymous User  4/9/2007
This really is a beautiful name, but I wouldn't consider it for my future children. I still think it's amazing!
BelleBeauty  10/25/2007
The famous actor Forest Whitaker's son is named Ocean Alexander.
― Anonymous User  11/7/2007
I know a girl named Oceania, which I think is better than just Ocean. It seems more like a name, instead of just a word.
ruth_truth  4/17/2008
It's quite a cute idea to use the name, but in practice, it might sound quite tacky. This would be better as a middle name, as it sounds quite hippie-ish.
slight night shiver  5/2/2008
I don't see a kid wanting to be named after the ocean-literally. I personally draw the line at Brooke, Violet and Pheonix or maybe even a spin on the actual word. It's like naming a kid Water. Or Wave. Come on, seriously?
― Anonymous User  5/17/2008
Well, I think this is a really nice name and it actually has a meaning that people can understand (Ocean means what 70% of this planet is made of) instead of some name like Katie or Bobby, I mean, I absolutely love this name and it (in my opinion) sounds great for a girl.
missBridget  8/1/2008
American author John Robbins ("Diet for a New America") has a son named Ocean.

British artist Tony Mortimer who was a member of the boy band "East 17" does have a daughter named Ocean.
Swiff  10/11/2008
I've seen this name spelled Oshun which I don't care for.
RooRoo  10/15/2008
God, was the kid that fat that you had to go and name him/her "Ocean"? Geez, think of the kid; that's just plain insulting.
GunsnRoses8794  11/24/2008
I don't quite understand your comment about "the kid was that fat you had to name it Ocean". I don't think the name Ocean has anything to do with size - instead, it reminds me of strength, beauty and power, yet also serenity and peace. I would definitely use this as a middle name!
Sophannagh  11/30/2008
My best friend's girlfriend is named Ocean. She is so beautiful and so her name really adds on to her beauty. It's very majestic and a peaceful name.
Nadia17  5/14/2009
I think it's cool for a guy because you could call him Sean.
avalongiselle101  8/1/2009
Extremely pathetic and trashy as a name.
bananarama  8/2/2009
I like it, but for a middle name. Not for a first name though. It's pretty and unique.
italiannames  8/20/2009
The word sounds nice, but it's hopelessly tacky as a name.
Athena Nike  3/8/2010
A great name but as a middle name only. It sounds too weird to be a first name.
CattyLoony  4/9/2010
I see this as a boys name, as my friend's boyfriend is called this.
― Anonymous User  4/21/2010
For me, Ocean is completely feminine. That said, I still feel like (as a name) it's incomplete. I much prefer Oceana.
erb816  11/14/2010
It would be far too easy to tease a child named Ocean who went through a chubby phase. 'She takes up most of the planet!'
vomiting  12/30/2010
I agree with the above user. It does have a sharp downside, but it also has a beauty about it. Still, too many teases could be made out of it.
GirlWithN0Name  2/3/2011
Kids will make fun no matter what name you give them. My name is Thierry (terry in english) and they called me terry blossom after the snack "cherry blossom" #$%? Makes no sense I know?

That being said, Ocean would be my first and only choice for a girls name. Simply Ocean is awesome.
runatyou  6/17/2012
My daughter was born in 2003 and her name is Ocean Alyssa. And yes, I am a slight "hippie" (and a Pisces). I was looking for a name with meaning (the Ocean is abundant and the most powerful force on Earth) but also a name that would be easy to pronounce. When I chose this name, I did not know of any other person with the name. Me nor my daughter have ever gotten anything but positive feedback on her name. Children do not make fun of her; instead, they love the name. I did take into account how cruel children can be (if she were to ever have a weight problem, "she's as big as the Ocean" or whatever kids come up with...) that's why I gave her a "normal" middle name. She loves her name and it is very fitting for her personality. She is gorgeous and intelligent and very unique. Her name has not affected her in a negative way whatsoever.
am19v  9/8/2012
Excuse me. Please, do tell me how my name is 'tacky' or 'trashy'. I've read the comments and that is just plain god damn hurtful. My mum chose to name me that. That was her choice. If you'd just keep your comments to yourself, that'd be great. I know, I'm being 'rude' by telling you to keep your opinion to yourself, but you're probably just jealous. Jealous that your mum didn't think of naming you after such a beautiful thing. Next time think before you comment. People actually have the name.
― Anonymous User  4/24/2014
Personally, I am going to name my daughter Ocean. I have had dreams for as far back as I can remember that I would have a girl and I always call out to her Ocean.
I am now pregnant and the doctors told me that ALL my pregnancy signs showed I was pregnant with a boy. But I knew the day after I conceived that I was pregnant and it was the girl I have dreamt of my whole life. As of a few days ago, the ultrasound confirmed it was a girl.
I am not a hippie, I am from a very wealthy family, heiress to a large corporation, and have my life together and my head on straight. So any comments about it being a hippie thing is absolutely inaccurate. I just know she is supposed to be named that and I think there is such a power, elegance and majestic quality to it in comparison to the daily norm such as the billions of people named Daisy, Bob, Lisa, Joe etc. Why should there be another Betty or Mark? Why is something unique and characteristically profound any worse than a name so overused, that this in itself can be considered unoriginal or tacky? There are two sides to any coin and I don't think a name should be judged or put down unless you dive into things like "Fungus" which 11 people in the United States actually used in 2011. Maybe to them that name was awesome, and who are we to judge but if people are going to worry about kids picking on another, I think names like "Bread" "Ipad" "Wifi" "Peanut" "Lucifer" "Whore" "Mafia" "Smelly" etc that are actually being banned would be something that we should be worried about. No one is trying to ban "Ocean".
ist  5/15/2014
Sounds chilly. I love it, especially as a feminine name.
Reenie_12  8/2/2014
Well, I myself think the name Ocean is a cool name, my name is Ocean after all.
oceansun  11/5/2014
My name's Ocean-china. People call me Ocean for short. I'm now 17 and I've never been picked on or bullied about my name, but I have had people make friendly jokes about my name and these are people who can't deny the fact that they either like or love my name. When I introduce myself to people the most common reply I get is "WOW that's a beautiful name" or "No way! That's really unique!" I can honestly say I've never had a bad comment made about my name. It's neither trashy nor tacky! It's exactly what it is described as in the dictionary and it's full of meaning. Just because of my name I've had great opportunities in life, because it's made me stand out that one bit more than others. I've been lucky enough to have a close friend name her daughter after myself, only she changed the double barrel to Ocean-deasia. I would recommend the name for a girl but it works very well for boys too. I LOVE MY NAME!
ocean-china  1/3/2015
My name is Ocean and people always give me compliments and I love my name.People do make fun of my name, I don't care, it doesn't matter. Just be you and never give up.
oceansmiles  1/25/2015
I just had twin boys and we named the first born of them Ocean.(I love the name) This is our third and forth child and we have two girls from before.
My oldest daughter is named Heaven, and believe me the reactions were exactly the same as the one we get now. People get silent and look a bit odd at us. But Heaven´s experience is the same as Ocean-China´s."Wow, what a cool name" and "How unique" etc.
Names changes with generations.
Nanuni  4/13/2015
My name is Ocean and this name has nothing wrong with it and I love my name. I get compliments all the time about it and I am a girl. So you other people can take your stupid mean and rude comments to another name because I bet you wouldn't want anyone to talk bad about your stupid name. This upsets me that you guys really would go around reckless and not know how many people's names are Ocean. Yeah, I know that it's your opinion and your take on the name but it is plain old rude to do that. Now I'm gonna go talk bad about you guys'es names so u can know what this feels like.! I never knew people could be so rude.
oceanlovestheocean  4/29/2015
Ocean Maturo is the younger brother of August Maturo who plays Auggie Matthews on Girl Meets World.
Aili_Helen  10/27/2015
The Irish boy's name Oisín is actually pronounced like "Ocean" (O-sheen) or "U-sheen".
wendy12345  11/12/2015
My wife and I are keen on this name for our coming son. We want a relatively unique name and are raising our family right next to the beach, so it suits well. Our other kids are Azaliah, as in the flower, and Lyric, because we both love music. I think unique names leave you tentative at first, but trust your instinct because within a couple of months your kids will grow to suit their name perfectly no matter what it is - that's my personal experience anyway.

Funny that some people accept Brooke but shun newer names like Ocean. Just shows how resistant we are to change and the new. I'd rather keep life interesting. By the way, my name is Matthew, the most popular boys' name the year I was born, so maybe I'm biased.
Ocean Earth  1/17/2016
My son, Ocean Dilan _____ was born on August 30-st of 2015, his name backwards means White Lion (Dilan in Irish means Lion) that came out of the Ocean. Ocean is a great name and my next son will have name Forest or Cosmos.
Al Piranha White  2/9/2016
Ocean is a nice name but it seems a bit too imaginative, even though I like imaginative names.
Floss2007  5/15/2016
My name is Ocean. Spelt like the word. Sounds like the word. I find it offensive when people discourage the name. I know it's your own opinion and I respect that. I think it is a unique name. I have never met another Ocean before. (Except Atlantic) and I really like my name. I wouldn't change it for all the money in the world.
OceansplashXD  5/25/2016
My name name is Ocean Inya Nicole (I'm a girl, by the way, and 20 years old) and I love it. The name has given me so many opportunities in life because I stand out. Ocean is not a tacky name that's stupid. It has so much meaning to it, the Ocean is full of life yet takes many lives, people fear the Ocean, they also love it. People also connect with the seas, the Ocean is sooooo beautiful and no one has ever bullied me about my name, but some guys use corny pick up lines like "I wanna take a swim in your Ocean" or "how deep are you, can I take a dip in your Ocean" I just look them in the eye and say "The tide is high" hahahaha. Because my name is rare, when I do actually meet the one or two people with my name I get upset and irritated because I've lived my life with this name that no one has. Also, when people spell my name wrong that pisses me off and sometimes people who just see my name automatically think I'm a boy before meeting me, and then they're shocked. I love my name and I mean, who doesn't love the Ocean?! someone with this name will also love attention as I do. The Ocean is strong and powerful, nothing can break the Ocean just as nothing can break me because I'm a fighter and I'm always making waves, making a difference, and you always get a positive vibe with me. Name your child Ocean and keep the same spelling!
Ocean Inya  5/27/2016
This name is absolutely beautiful to me.
evyyxo  6/20/2016
The name Ocean was given to 65 girls and 80 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/22/2016
I think it's a girls name.
Eileen1209864  6/23/2016
I have four absolutely gorgeous children. One daughter born in 1993 named Sommer, my son born in 1994 named Ocean, another son born in 1996 named River and my last boy named Canyon born in 2000. They LOVE their names. Everywhere we went they were remembered for having such unique names that coincide with each other. Picking the name for your baby is a crucial decision that will impact their future if the child doesn't live up to the meaning. To me, Ocean seems more masculine and represents a strength in such great magnitude.
MACSINTOUCH  10/21/2016
Carlos (from Big Time Rush) and Alexa (Spy kids) Penavega just named their son Ocean.
― Anonymous User  12/14/2016
Ocean is usually masculine. Oceana (oh-she-Anna) is the feminine version.
― Anonymous User  12/14/2016
My little girl is named OceanLee. If I was having a boy it would be River (I do have a 2 year old named RiverAlan now). I know quite a bit of Oceanas. I liked that name but I already know several so I just dropped the "a" And gave her "lee". My little girl loves her name. She says I named her Ocean due to her loving heart being as big as the Ocean. I am not a hippie, I just love nature and unique names. Growing up I had a hard time with my name Sachet. But when I got older and found out how I got my name it made me appreciate it that much more.
sassyMama  3/15/2017
Never cared for this name for some reason. It is not a really nice name in my opinion.
XironDarkstar  9/12/2017
Ocean Hooker came up and I thought it was hilarious.
callumstephen  11/9/2017
This is also my middle name and I used to hide it from classmates until my Chemistry teacher Mr. Weise (he says his name is a a German name so it is pronounced Visor) decided to use our middle names for registration. That's why some students still call me by that name but it is better that way because my first name is the same as about 20% of the whole school. Those who didn't find out the name call me English (my last name). I AM PROUD TO BE CALLED *OCEAN*
Shemar Ocean English  12/13/2017
Ocean is Biblical the same as Adam or Elizabeth. God created heaven and earth and He and Adam named all things. It represents strength, peace, calm; it can take away and it can give it back. It is absolute beauty that the sun rises and sets by the Ocean. How can you go wrong? People have been using River and Canyon so...
Joan345  12/23/2017
Should have been a proper name originally. Don't know why it wasn't.
Hushpuppy  1/25/2018
When I fell pregnant with my 4th child I wanted something different instead of going to the park, calling her name and about 5 other kids with the same name turning around, so I choose Ocean. Everyone has said it's beautiful and really suits her. Since I named her I've heard 3 other people I kind of know have copied me and just 2 days ago a woman in the shop heard me call my daughter's name and told me thank you, you just helped me pick my daughter's name! Her baby is due next week.
Galexy123  1/31/2018
Cry me an Ocean.
aturney20  2/1/2018

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