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This name could seem quite pretentious but I like it very much!
It reminds us of our great literarian roots.
It is poetic and romantic and very strong because of the character.
Felie  6/8/2017
Odysseus is the hero of a very ancient story about a man who took many years to complete his not-very-long journey home after fighting on the winning side in the Trojan War. In that war, the gods and goddesses were divided - some supported the Greeks and some the Trojans. Odysseus, being Greek and a very distinguished soldier and strategist, was therefore hated by those gods who had backed the losing side.

It would make sense to give that kind of character a name that means "hate", "hatred" etc to help get the message of the story across. But in our world, people think of his long journey rather than his unpopularity with half the population of Mount Olympus, so the title of his story-poem, the Odyssey, has come to mean "a long and difficult journey".

And if this helps even one poster NOT to say "ooh, but it can mean a journey", I'll be happy!
Anneza  12/27/2012
Could also be based on the actual word "odyssey".
Black_X  10/8/2011
I like the sound of Odysseus, but, because of the Greek hero, this name is a bit much to bear. Plus, the connotation with the aforementioned hero is a bit strong.
Athena Nike  3/9/2010
I don't like this name, but it has an interesting meaning.
-Julia-  9/10/2009
It means "sorrow" or "grief" in Greek, but it has come to mean a journey, from the epic obviously.
MoonAgeDaydreamer  11/10/2008
This would be one pompous and pretentious name for a child today.
slight night shiver  5/2/2008
Odysseus Elytis is a famous bearer.
lcgirl20  9/3/2007
It may mean "wrathful". And one can see it at the end of the Odyssey.
lcgirl20  7/2/2007
Pronounced o-DIS-ee-us. [noted -ed]
Aqua  11/21/2006
Odysseus may mean 'odyssey' or 'long journey.'
october_bay  2/26/2006
"Odyssey" actually means "story of Odysseus", so the name Odysseus cannot mean "odyssey."
― Anonymous User  5/30/2006
"Odysseus" may mean "son of Zeus," or "giver of pain."
neokyma  9/7/2005
This name also could mean "odyssey".
PVega  6/6/2005
I thought it might be from the Greek hodos meaning road, and Zeus, the master god, so it meant that he was the king of the journey, in a way.
colmfinito  3/2/2005

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