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In psychiatry, Dr. Sigmund Freud used the term Oedipus complex to describe boys who resent or hate their fathers while seeking love from their mothers.
jc  7/25/2006
His parents, learning that he would kill his father, exposed baby Oedipus on the mountainside, driving a spike through his feet - hence the name.
reniannen17  11/19/2006
I LOVE this name! However, it's legendary, and should never be used as a name for a child. After all, would you enjoy thinking that your child wants to marry his mother and murder his father? Keep in mind that Oedipus had children with his wife / mother, Jocasta. Eww. Great name, though! Fabulous!
Emmasj  3/6/2007
You'd have to be insane to use this name on a child. It's an ugly name to begin with, but the jokes would be very nasty indeed.
slight night shiver  5/2/2008

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